the 'what the **** are they talking about over in that other thread' game

this is where you summarise a thread (of your own choosing) in 100 words.

basically someone, preferably not a participant in the pertaining thread (especially if it’s in GD), post his/her summary to a longish thread in a hundred words. the important thing is to be ***as accurate as ** * possible while being brief.

as a random example…

You theiving cunt by Maureen.

During lab week, a yearly affair where the management shows
its appreciation for the lab workers with free lunches, raffles
and games etc; the drama queen Joan aka thieving cunt
(TC) decided to claim a raffle prize, a fine boom
box, won by a young file clerk as her own.

Foreseeing that the junior clerk would crumble by the harpish
attacks of the senior TC; Maureen, whom TC reports to,
decides to step in and return the boom box to
its rightful owner. Threats of lawsuits, blowjobs, a bent pole
and a mixed identity resulting in a minor hijack, ensues…
that’s it. a poor example to be sure, since i’m only summarising the OP. so go ahead and summarise your favourite long thread (>5 pages) and be sure to include the title of the thread and the OP.

personally, i’ll like to request a summary of the thread The death of PC games is nigh!. (are they?)
this game should not be construed as a thinly veiled attempt at getting others to explain to me what those multi-paged meandering thread boils down to while i mull over the pressing matters in life; like where to go for dinner.