The "When Will Lane Kiffen be Fired?" Lottery (NFL Football)

Pick a day. You can even pick AM or PM if you want to.

Your prize for winning is Al Davis hating you for predicting his actions.

My wild-ass pick is Thursday, October 10th. This follows a bye week and is two days before a road game in New Orleans.


Tuesday, September 30th. They’ll be fresh off a loss to the Chargers, and Big Al will have two weeks to realize that no one else wants the job.

After Matt Millen, which proves there’s a tiny bit of justice in the cosmos after all. But I say Kiffin gets fired Friday at 1 pm Eastern.

Their bye is Week 5, so I’m going with this coming Monday (ie., the day after the Chargers game)

Yeah; going into a bye week is the best time to do it, though I would never attribute conventional wisdom to Al Davis.

As a side note, I think in-season firings are useless and shouldn’t be done unless there’s some kind of live boy/dead girl sort of situation or something. Nobody’s going to come in and coach the Raiders to one win more than Kiffin would have.

You’re absolutely right there… mid-season QB and coach changes are not about winning, they’re about showing you’re trying to win.

The Rams just benched Marc Bugler for Trent Green. ~40 year old Trent Green who was immobile in his prime and now might as well be nailed to the field.

Steven Jackson isn’t performing any better than Bulger, but they’re not sitting him.

Hey, Rams, you have the 31st-ranked offense, but you have the 32nd-ranked defense. Bulger is not the problem.

That was going to be my guess, but I will go with PM after the Chargers game instead.

Man, all the good times are already taken. I guess I’ll take the beginning of the second drive of the third quarter: stadium security escorts an unsurprised Kiffin off the field while Davis chortles maniacally in his box.

Might get the Raiders on Plays of the Week, at least. :smiley:

Man if Al would just leave his team alone. Regardless of what record and perception is, we really do have some talented young players on our team. They need some stability at the top to get anything done. But Al is stuck in the past.

The Raiders have a possible franchise QB in Russell, franchise running backs in DMAC and Michael Bush - who prior to his injury was a projected first round pick and hasn’t shown any side effects in the NFL, a franchise TE in Miller who has put up numbers like Gonzalez in his first year. Not to mention terrific cornerbacks in Nhamdi Asomough and decent Deangelo Hall, and Morrision and Howard at linebackers. Johnnie Lee Higgins has shown up on special teams when he doesn’t fumble, too.

On paper we really do have a decent team if Al would stay the hell out of everything and let coaches coach and hire a GM. Oh, and Rob Ryan would quit with his prevent defense. Just blitz and let the cornerbacks play man to man.

And I don’t know that he will be fired after the Chargers game. Kind of hard to fire a man after getting a win. :smiley:

It’s getting close. If it is today, Really Not All That Bright is closest.

Actually, I’ve already been eliminated- Hal Briston picked today in post #3.

shakes fist

If I could pick a new date, I’d say after the season. I don’t know what Al is waiting for, but apparently it wasn’t 0-4, so he’ll spend the rest of the year trying to get Kiffin to quit so he won’t have to pay him.

The league really needs to step in. Considering its “no funny business of any kind” policies, a team owner deliberately sabotaging his own coach is, frankly, unconscionable.

It’s happened. 9:15 Pacific via a phone call from Al.

I was right.

Without pay.

Oh, Al. One would think you learned your lesson after The Mike Shanahan Affair.

Hal Briston wins… the Raiders’ head coaching job. Rest in peace, Hal.

Fuck. :mad:

Well there goes any chance we had of picking up another win this season. With our luck (and Al’s fucked judgment) Ryan will get the head spot.

Officially official. “For cause” my ass.
The Raiders will not win a playoff game with Al Davis in control of the team. I’d be surprised with a winning season.
Callers into the local sports radio station are pining over getting Bill Cowher. No sane football coach with any experience or reputation will even sniff at this job, which is why they got Kiffen in the first place.

I assumed they accidentally omitted the words “cause I said so,” or “cause I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Now it could get really interesting if Herm Edwards or Norv Turner get dumped at the end of the season, Kiffin is called in to coach, and the Raiders go on a long, undistinguished losing streak against said team. Not very likely to happen, yet it would be delicious.