The wife is a heck of a guesser

See how cleverly I tied in with the “the wife vs my wife” thread?

Anyhoo, I ordered a rear wiper arm assembly from eBay a few days ago. I came downstairs this morning and my wife asks, “Did you order a wiper blade?” “Yep, I did”. I didn’t think much about it until later when I went to open the box. Now, the listing on eBay showed an official Toyota box with “Toyota Quality Parts” written all over and a sticker on the end that reads, “Wiper arm and Blade assy, rear”. I figured it must have been shipped that way. But the box is completely wrapped in black plastic and only a shipping label. The box is 2.5 x 5 x 20 inches. 60mm x 13cm x .50m for you furriners.

I asked her how she knew it was a wiper. She replied, “What else would be in a box that size?”

I thought for a bit and then held my arms across our pony-sized dog. “So if a heavy box this big gets delivered you are going to ask - did you order a dog?”

She gave me that look that means, “stupid man-spouse”.

Heh, my gf’s birthday was last week. She’s often outdoors before the sun rises or after it sets taking care of her horses.

A few days before her birthday she asked if she could open her headlight early, so she could use it right away. I was shocked that she knew what I got her.

Turns out Alexa mentioned it earlier in the day. “Your headlight has been delivered.”

Damn Alexa!