The Wild Hair

Since I was a teenager, I have a spot on my upper cheek, right next to my nose, and there is this single wild hair that grows like a weed. No matter how many times I pluck it or shave it, it comes roaring back.

I wish I could clone the little fucker and place millions of them on the rest of my head, but no - it is just this one wild hair.

I used to have one of those on my earlobe, but electrolysis got rid of it. My electrologist called it a mutant hair (I guess that’s the technical term :)) and said most people have at least one somewhere on their body. And if they’re white and very thin and delicate, they’re known as angel hairs in the business.

I have one of those, but only sometimes. Most days I spend at least a few minutes looking at my face in the mirror to apply makeup, pluck brows, etc. so it always amazes me when I wake up with a 3" white hair growing from my cheek. It doesn’t grow back immediately when I pull it, but when it grows back it’s the same spot.

Yes! That is exactly what I mean. It is not like it grows slowly (or I would have gotten rid of it earlier) it is more like I went to bed and suddenly this insane wild hair just jumps out and grows a good 2 inches overnight! And always in the exact same spot…I don’t even need a mirror and after all these years, can find it in the dark!

I’ve got one on my chin. My boyfriend calls it my beard and thinks it’s the grossest thing in the world.

I have one on the tip of my nose. I pluck it out, keep a close watch for regrowth, nothing for weeks and suddenly overnight it grows a 1/4".

DMark, if electrolysis seems extravagant, you can let it grow. Tie it securely to a little silver bar like the ones some folks wear in an eyebrow. Just let it swing around with the movements of your head. Before long, the folks with tats and piercings will think you’re the coolest man on the streets. Young women, in love with Jack Sparrow, with cozy up to you, just to stroke your one cool hair.

Naaaah, never mind.

I also have one on my nose. It’s not like a regular body hair, more like an eyelash. I pluck it when it gets long enough to grab with a pair of tweezers.

I figure when GameHat the embryo was putting shit together, there was a bit of a mixup and that particular patch of cells decided to grow an eyelash. Oh well.

Speaking of eyes - I have like 5-10 “crazy” eyebrow lashes on each side. Most normal eyebrow hairs grow as usual. But I have several on each side that grow to like 2x normal length, and curl more. Plus the “normal” length is my natural color (brown) but once they grow this they switch to gray to fill out to a crazy length. I pluck these as well; they always grow back, starting brown, then switching to gray to achieve their insane length.

Mine’s like an eyelash too, only a white eyelash.

Over here, they just let those things continue to grow. Seems to be considered good luck.

I have one on my wrist. I’m a redhead so all the hair on my body is very light. The hairs on my arms are almost nonexistent - but, they’re just apparent enough to hide the mutant hair until I reaches the grossout length. When it gets to that point, I just grab it in my fingernails and rip it out.

I don’t think I have any on my face. I don’t wear makeup and I was blessed with eyebrows which never need plucking so I really don’t spend much time staring at my face.

I get these occasionally on my chin - either that, or the bristles on my chin have a general tendency to occasionally and spontaneously grow three or four times as thick as their peers.

I also have mutant eyebrow hairs - three in each eyebrow, spaced evenly like cat’s whiskers - they grow in line with my other eyebrow hairs most of their lives, but then suddenly develop a kink at the base so they stick straight out and have to be plucked.

I’ve found that sometimes, plucking a hair repeatedly will result in a finer, lighter hair. Other times, the only thing to do is call up the electrologist and ask for an appointment. Some of my fine, light facial hair is starting to change in length, texture, and color as I’ve gotten older. Apparently this is pretty common as women age. So, the electrologist is a semi-regular appointment for me now…I’m getting my eyebrows done as well, since I’m there. Might as well, right?

Here’s my thread on the issue: Link

Hey, did that tree stump ever come back, or did you manage to kill it off?

It still sends up a shoot now and then. But I’m ready for it.

Argh, I’ve got some problem wild hairs, only a few, thankfully. I have some on my neck that are like little clumps. I think, or else they’re christmas tree split ends! I also have a single vellus hair beneath my left eye. It’s nearly an inch in length and occasionally gets up on my eyeball causing tremendous irritation. And I have one single long black hair on my right arm! I don’t do anything with that one; when it reachs the end of its cycle, it falls out (I presume), then it eventually appears again. Not at it’s normal length but it does eventually grow out.

Huh, thanks so much for reminding me of my wild hairs … :smiley:

I have one of those too. Thin and white, in the middle of my left cheek. Got to check in the mirror tonight if it’s come back…