The Windows 7 Cell Phone thread.

OK, after dropping my iPhone and shattering it into a million pieces; I decided to try a Windows 7 phone. I have the Samsung Focus.

I didn’t see a thread about this yet so I thought I’d start one.

What apps do you like? What do you like so far about the phone? What do you dislike?

I like its integration with Outlook. I could never get my iPhone to sync very well with my work outlook account.

The need for more apps is a big failing point. I hate that I can’t edit the type of phone number I’m saving. For example, my wife has multiple cell phones for different reasons. I’d like to store a phone number for her that says “iPhone” but I don’t see where you can do that.

Anyway, I have more to say; but I’ll give you guys a chance…

I am curious about the phone and its market too. Are many people using it? Are there lots of games and apps for it?