Anyone using Windows Phone 7? Whatcha think?

Mommypants and I are eligible for upgrades next month. I’m pretty sure were gonna go with Android, but I got a chance to play with a Windows Phone 7 device and started second guessing. The tile front screen isn’t very attractive, but the phone was pretty fast and smooth. It already has Netfilx streaming, which is nice. What do you guys think of it?

I’ve only toyed with one for a few minutes. It seems decent, but I noticed that whenever you touch the magnifying glass-symbol in the bottom right corner, the phone automatically and always goes directly to a Bing search. Would drive me absolutely bonkers. My acquaintance whose phone I tried was of the opinion that while the OS is very nice overall, the user experience is riddled with little annoyances like the one I described. I would wait at least until the first major OS upgrade/service pack.

I think it’s going to be impossible to beat the $50 iPhone 3GS.

and they love them! they kinda sound like apple fanboys they love them so much. LG’s I think. I didnt pay much attention cause everyone knows BB rule…
Seriously tho, very intuitive interface, good media apps etc. In my opinion if you are media centric they look very nice. I bought my BB 9780 at the same time however I mainly do email not media so Im happy with mine. They did need to install zune to sync music and pics which I thought was strange however I dont know the process.

Sure it is. That price is only for new activations and there are plenty better phones than that one anyways.

Go with the Motorola Atrix.

IMO Windows Phone has the slickest, most elegant UI of any phone including the iPhone. However they are still behind when it comes to multitasking, copy/paste etc. though these should come in updates this year. Also as a relatively new OS they still have a long way to go when it comes to apps compared to the iPhone and Android. Perhaps the recent announcement by Nokia switching to Windows Phone will boost their marketshare and app development though it will take some time.

Personally I prefer the more open UI of Android anyway to either the iPhone or Windows Phone. For example I really like customizing my screens with widgets. Android also has a much wider range of hardware than the other two. The iPhone’s form factor feels pretty tired to me; IMO the screen is too small and the single button isn’t as good as the four-button system on Android.

Ultimately it boils down to your tastes obviously but I think Windows Phone has yet to hit its strides and it could get really good in six months time with new hardware, OS updates and more apps. At the moment I think the best smartphone experience is on Android devices like the Atrix and Nexus S.

As a Samsung Focus owner. I love my WP7. I had an iPhone 3g. I own an iPad (I love my RSS reader on my iPad).


* Fast
* XBox Live Integration
* Microsoft Office
* Sharepoint Integration
* Easiest UI for "non-techies"
* Some awesome apps


* Not enough apps --- yet
* No enterprise/side rolled app support (non-app store apps)
* No multitasking
* No cut/paste

Additional Pros:

* Microsoft's level of support is insane.  Their chant is Devs, Devs, Devs for a reason.
* First major upgrade coming in January
* They have alot of muscle working on this

My wife got one in December after letting the salesperson talk her into it. She had been leaning heavily to a Droid because she loves my son’s swipe texting. I’m not sure what he said to her that changed her mind but now she’s regretting it and wishes she had gone with the iPhone 4 like I have. She just doesn’t care for the interface.