The Wisconsin audit

The Republican Speaker of the Wisconsin House of Representatives has appointed a former state Supreme Court justice to run the new election audit they’ve decided needs to be done almost a year after the election.
The guy admits that he has no idea how elections are run, and has been seen palling around with the MyPillow guy.
He’s also already started issuing subpoenas, even to the Milwaukee city clerk, who has nothing to do with elections.

Well I sure hope they get to the bottom of it. I hope they conduct their year-after-the election audit in a dignified, professional manner that brings respect to the auditors, their families, Ron Johnson, and the great state of Wisconsin.
Go get 'em, Wisconsin!
(ETA: By the way, who’s paying for the “audit”?)

Joe Biden got about 20,000 more votes than Donald Trump in Wisconsin. Biden also got about 64,000 more votes than the Democratic candidates for Wisconsin’s 8 congressional districts got combined. Donald Trump got about 51,000 fewer votes than the Republican candidates for congress got. Voter fraud is not the problem here. Republican voters who don’t like Donald Trump is. But, as the old saying goes, why ruin a perfectly good argument with the facts.

I got all my numbers from, with a little difficulty with the Wisconsin 7th District because they held a special election in May of last year which had me confused for a little while.

Didn’t Trump already have to pay “out of his own pocket” (whatever that means for Trump.) to recount heavily Democratic areas in Wisconsin?
Anyway, I suspect without evidence that my toilet is overflowing, and I can’t fix it. I think I’d better get on the phone with someone who doesn’t understand how plumbing works. Am I right, Wisconsin?
Go Badgers!

You have to hire incompetent clowns (“Cyber Ninjas” or a buddy who doesn’t understand the election process) because nobody competent wants to touch this with a 10 foot pole. You are not going to ever have audits done by a professional with competence because those people know the futility of running such a thing.

Or to be more precise, those professionals won’t do an audit now, after the fact when it’s totally irrelevant. The competent audits were already performed all over the country where the elections were close and recounts were necessary to make sure that the election was correct.

These audits are the equivalent of filing a frivolous lawsuit and hiring Lionel Hutz just so you can have headlines about lawsuits. (And that was something that also happened, and those cases were dismissed as expected.)

Maybe they can get Missouri governor Mike Parson to assist. I understand he’s something of a cyber security expert now.

I think you’ve really hit at the heart of it - they know that they won’t find anything; it’s just to get it out in the public’s mind that the elections aren’t safe, and that they should accept the voter repression tactics as necessary security.

No, on that scale it’s not voter fraud – it’s meddling with the voting machines to flip those 51,000 votes! /s

Most people, myself included, do not have a comprehensive understanding or even any understanding of how elections work.

The difference is that most of us aren’t being appointed to conduct an election audit.

This clearly illustrates the purpose of this “audit”. If the Republicans genuinely believed there had been actual election fraud by the Democrats, they’d appoint a knowledgeable expert to lead the investigation; somebody who does understand how an election works and would know where to look for evidence. The fact that they didn’t think this mattered shows that the Republicans already know that no fraud occurred and there’s no evidence to be found. They’re just spending other people’s money on a piece of theater.

The topic of the thread be-as-it-may, Raw Story is not a trustworthy source:

That isn’t too say that this particular article is false or misleading, just that it’s a long path and decades of bad decisions layering on top of one another to go from CBS to Fox to OANN.

If the article is newsworthy and factual then trustworthy news sources will also report on it - with no loss of content; you don’t need to delve into that middle tier of paranoiacs to find out about these subjects. And, in the long run, you’ll avoid the stuff that wouldn’t be reported on by trustworthy news sources and you’ll just be a happier and saner person.

There was a Washington Post article about this, but it was behind a paywall I couldn’t see through.

Here are a few links to recent stories about the Wisconsin audit, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (the state’s largest newspaper). They have a paywall, but allow a certain number of free article views per month.

Raw Story is a news aggregate. They sure as heck put propaganda spins on headlines, but they are mostly linking to news elsewhere. Which can be very useful when they are quoting stuff that is otherwise behind a paywall or when they are the only source for the transcription of a video.

As said, it’s a slow walk of cutting corners, trying to get your fix, trying to get out ahead of everyone else on the new scoop and not noticing the drop in quality and fairness over the decades as you walk that road.

At the end, there is madness.

Other news aggregators exist. You can even create your own, through RSS. I would be quite happy to share my Feedly config.

No thanks, I think I can judge my own news sources without your hand-holding.