The Wise Man's Fear delayed until '10?!?

So I was checking Amazon to see when I should start re-reading The Name of the Wind to coincide with the April release of The Wise Man’s Fear, and lo and behold it wasn’t there. It still shows up in my pre-orders as being delivered on April 9th, but a little googling reveals that Rothfuss is still tinkering with the damn thing! In February he said he’d written 60,000 more words just in the new year.

This doesn’t sound good. If he’s still adding giant swathes of text in '09, I can’t imagine this is going to be released any sooner than spring '10. I appreciate the fact that he’s making the books better (I hope, unless this is some George Lucas-like meddling) but it is frustrating when you consider that the entire story was already complete when he started shopping it around to publishers. Who knows when we’ll have book 3 at this rate; I’ll just be happy if I’m still alive.

That’ll piss me off. But Amazon is still reporting it will ship April 9th.

Alas, I will be flying to the UK the following Monday, so if it doesn’t arrive by then it will sit on my porch for a full week. :frowning:

Unfortunately, Khadaji, there is little chance of the book sitting on your porch for the week, since Rothfuss hasn’t finished it yet. I don’t even want to think how long the copy-editing, formatting, and printing are going to take.

I also don’t know why Amazon is so slow in updating the pre-orders. Maybe they’re debating whether to simply delay the pre-orders or just cancel them outright. Considering that Rothfuss doesn’t even have a deadline in mind, I think they should just cancel them.

2010 is a long time to wait for the new book!