The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2) is out tomorrow

I mentioned this in the monthly reading thread, but I’m excited enough about it that I thought I’d remind Rothfuss fans that it is coming out.

I really liked the first book, so I’m very-much anticipating the second. Amazon notified me this morning that it has shipped, so this time it hopefully is really out.

I also pre-ordered the book, but Amazon hasn’t emailed me yet. I’m currently just finishing up re-reading the first book, because although I remember most of it, I can’t remember all the names or mysteries that were introduced in the first volume.

I’m always a little leery of recommending this series because, while I think it is very enjoyable, I doubt we’ll see the last volume before 2014. I’m sure Rothfuss will take at least a year off, then rewrite the last volume and add 400 pages and then split it into two books. Shit, make that 2015. I can’t plan my leisure reading that many years in advance.

But yes, the book IS really coming out this time; I’ve seen the photos of it and everything. (I follow the author’s blog; he seems like a cool guy, but it does kill some of the mystery to be so well acquainted with an author.)

Yeah, I probably should re-read too. There was a time when my memory was up to snuff and I’d be OK - but no longer…

I re-read TNOTW in January. It was nearly as engaging as the first time through. I found more nits to pick along the way, but not very many. I’m absolutely looking forward to reading the sequel, which I’ve purchased for my Kindle. I think I’ll pick up a physical copy as well.

I just need to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora in the next couple of days and then I’ll begin The Wise man’s Fear.

BTW, Pat has a terrific blog, and he’s provided a clever synopsis of the first book here:
SPOILERS for the first book abound at this link.

Hooray! Mine just arrived - even though there was a problem with my pay method that I had to fix mid-morning yesterday.


Excuse me, I have to go to Amazon right away.

I noticed that one of the other threads announcing a new book actually put the date in the title - I wished I had thought of it when I opened this one. It would have been more informative.

I finished The Lies of Locke Lamora this morning and have begun The Wise Man’s Fear. I’ll post my spoiler-free review once I’m done. Probably in 2-3 weeks is my guess. :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading nonstop for the past two days. I’m so looking forward to his signing once I get off work. Will be magical.

Got mine on the first, but it didn’t matter as I had to wait for the library to send over a spare copy of Name for me to read again anyway. Mine’s in a box somewhere.

Somehow I’d gotten the release dates for Wise Man’s and *SuckerPunch *mixed up in my head (don’t even want to know how that happened), so I wasn’t expecting to see it so soon, and didn’t get my request in fast enough that I didn’t have to wait. Stupid of me. It’s a nice surprise for my reading, but the husband was a little bummed that we don’t get to watch nubile FF clones running around kicking ass this weekend.

I FINALLY got *Name *this morning, and I’m about a third through it. I’m hoping to finish before Saturday so I can finish Wise Man’s this weekend. I haven’t had a nice weekend-long read in a while, and it’s always good to have a tome to drag around for a few dozen hours or so.

I’d really forgotten what a snarky little bastard Kvothe was/is. It amuses me no end to have a pre-teen narrator who has about the same level of brass balls as Harry Dresden does (and even he’s a little over-the-top sometimes for me).

I’ve exchanged a few posts with Mr Rothfuss before, and he seems to be so nice. It doesn’t hurt that he’s been highly regarded by my other current two favorite fantasy authors. I’m always happy to read and recommend good books, and it makes it even better when I can be happy about the author as a person as well.

My verdict: as good as the first one.

I’m wondering, though… how many books did he say there were going to be? Three? Because at the rate the pacing is going now, he’ll need four or five books to get to where Kvothe is now.

I have heard wild unsubstantiated rumors that the last day will actually be several (number varies by rumorist) books long.

There’s also the very real possibility that many segments of later life will fall under the tl,dw (too long, didn’t write) category like the sea voyage, despite there being supposedly interesting happenings there.

Maybe an intentional ploy to have starting points for later novels, or a ready trove of short stories to throw into anthologies like Jim Butcher is doing? Can’t say that I blame the author for either of those options - man has to eat even after the series is done, you know?

Huzzah - finished at 2 am!

I liked it slightly better than the first one, simply because of the Adem.

I’m also quite fond of all the language-changing that happens - in particular, the name of the sword morphing between stories and reality, taking on new meanings as it goes.

My other favorite touch in this tome was Jax/Iax and the Moon. Very nicely done.

Now only … what, 4 years til the next one?


Just posting here to remind myself to get back here when I’ve got my copy.

sigh Norwegian bookstores aren’t getting it until the end of the month and my Signed Page copy won’t arrive for at least another two weeks. Ah well. Time to reread NOTW. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was planning on getting a Signed Page copy - but let it go too long and now he’s sold out! :frowning:

At the reading, someone asked him how many books the series will be and he emphatically said there will be three books; stories need endings. He got some applause for that.

I am not sure what I think about this book. It took me a couple of rereads to like Name of the Wind, and I’m feeling the same way about the sequel. I like some parts, but overall, I’m kind of meh. I became increasingly annoyed at the mini stories and poems and songs he sprinkles throughout the book. I know he’s hiding all sorts of easter eggs in them and foreshadowing and serious weight and significance, and it’s all getting tiresome. I hated the moon story a lot for some reason.

I read through the thread at, and people have picked up on well-hidden clues and supporting evidence in these flavor texts that

Kvothe’s mom is Lady Lackless who ran away from home to join the Ruh. This makes Meluathan Lackless, the Maer’s racist new wife, Kvothe’s aunt.

and I was like, I do not care about this at all. I want better secrets!

I liked the humor the most; I laughed out loud multiple times. And Rothfuss’s prose is very enjoyable as before.

Not sure about the spoiler threshold for this thread, but just in case:

I still severely despise Denna.

I didn’t catch this one. Something from the previous book?

Sort of? Part of the reason I caught it was that the name was mentioned in the previous book.

Back in book 1, there was a mention of Iax being some important ‘lost in the mists of the past’ legendary type figure. Iax the Namer.

When K and Co. are searching for the bandits, the girl merc tells the story of “Jax and the Moon” where the f-ed up little kid takes off with the tinker’s pouch and hunts down the moon because he loves her, and imprisons her name in a half-assed house (that he put together badly because he didn’t know how), and now because he has her name trapped there, she has to come visit regularly.

Later in book 2, K listens while Felurian tells about how the moon moves back and forth between faen and the human world, and how Namers created the faen realm out of whole cloth because they wanted to, and how Iax loved the moon and wanted her to be with him.

Even later, Iax comes up again (I think Bast talks about him) in a side note about how powerful and screwed up Namers and magic people were back in the misty long ago.

Each of those instances are TOTALLY thrown out there as sidenotes, not given any undue importance, just kindof tossed out in the middle of all the other random stuff that happens. It’s just a nice sort of … hey, that’s that dude the story was about, and hey, wonder what the past WAS like to have people creating something like faen and then forgetting that it existed… whoa, some dude really did steal part of the moon…

Nothing earthshatteringly important or spoilery or even foreshadowing really, just a nice touch to have in there.

I crumbled and bought a copy at a local Outland shop, despite the fact that the Signed Page guy is starting to send out the international copies next. I am weak. Also, happy.

Finished it last night. I’m very happy with it - after finishing Eriksen’s decalogy, it felt good to read something that’s going to be done with the next book. Also, something written plainly and well, excitingly and funny. While I didn’t feel it had the mountaineous highs the first book had (" . . . Mooooo!") it was steady, well plotted, funny and well written throughout, which is even better. I’m unhappy about some things, but I’m left feeling anxious and giddy for the final chapter in the story. But if Rothfuss wants to bring closure to the meta-plot as well as Kvothe’s origin story, the next book is going to be bloody huge.

Some further thoughts:

Bast is not a happy faerie. Day one, he tried scaring the Chronicler into focusing on Kvothe’s happy memories. As far as I can tell, he’s telling his story pretty much the same way he did in book one. Day two he goes a bit further and hires two thugs to rob the inn, so that Kvothe will have some bad guys to beat up like in the good old days. That backfires spectacularly.
I’m wondering what crazy stunt he’ll be driven to by day three.