The Witcher: Order or Scoi'atel? (Minor spoilers)

Ah, I am trembling with worr. Finally, with The Enhanced Edition, the game is not only good, but actually playable!

Seriously. It was great fun before. But now you can actually play it.

However, I face a difficult choice. During the game, you have the chance to support a couple factions in different ways. Neither is exactly pure as the driven snow, and I find myself with an odd conflict.

On the one hand, you’ve got the Scoi’atel. The Squirrels. These are elven and dwarven refugees, you might say. When humans took over the northern kingdoms from the elves, some of them refused to accept this. The Scoi’atel are guerrillas who basically want to Kill All Humans, which is not my bag baby. Despite their protestations, it’s pretty clear that they’re racist butchers just like the worst humans. At the same time, they really do try to protect the often put-upon elves and dwarves in human lands, who are forced to pay extra taxes and so forth.

n the other hand, you’ve got the Order of the Flaming Rose. A colleciton of knights and warriors, these are brave men who fight monsters and protect people. If they’re not quite as good as Witchers ( :wink: ), they still do a good job. They’re also really noble people, or at least they somtimes are. At the same time, the order has a real hard-on for nonhumans. They definitely do not get along, though admittedly thus far I’ve heard nothing worse than some extortion.

On the one hand I don’t want to wipe out the Scoi’atel and the elves, but tey’re really murderous jerks who are makign things worse. On the other, I genuinely like The Order, but their policies may be worse for the nonhumans who accept the power that hunmans now wield. Argh!

I can just choose whom I wish, then go neutral in the future. This could get me the best armor later in the game (there are three variants on the game’s best armor suit). Here is a link to just the armor stats.

So far, I’m thinking I’ll go with the Order. For all their faults, I am a Witcher. I protect people from monsters… no matter if it’s a ghoul eating people or an elf shooting people down in the street.

Erm… play the game twice, and try each one? I don’t know how well the new edition patched things up, but it’s a reasonable thing to do assuming the loading times have been improved…

Eh, elves aren’t monsters - just try using a silver sword on them ;).

Neutrality actually seems to be the default for Geralt’s personality. He seems to despise fanatics and their self-deceptions. But I agree - you can try all three :).

A good game IMO, but not quite a great one. It’s a little short and the customization doesn’t really allow as much useful variation as I’d like to see. Limits replayability.