The Wolf Among Us Ending Question (Spoilers)

Anyone else finish the Telltale Games Fables game The Wolf Among Us?

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Question about the ending: So what was the very end supposed to imply? That the Little Mermaid character (forget her name) was actually Faith in disguise with a Glamour? I didn’t quite get what all the flashback dialog and Bigby’s reaction was supposed to signify but that was my best guess. Anyone else understand what they were going for?

That was my take, or that Narissa (sp?) and Faith were somehow connected (e.g. the Faith that Bigby met at the beginning was actually a glamoured Narissa or something). Either way, it suggests that the person who appears to be Narissa at the end has been intentionally manipulating the events of the story.

Yeah, that was my interpretation. We never actually met Faith - it was Narissa all the time.

“Narissa” probably told us a warped version of the actual story. She mentioned how she confessed Faith and Lily’s plan to escape from the Crooked Man and it ended in their murder. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had done it all intentionally, knowingly sacrificing Faith and Lily to expose the Crooked Man so she could get free of him.

I think best guess is all you really have to go on, but I think I’m with the OP but not with Revenant Threshold. I think Faith was the only one we met.

Faith was Donkeyskin, who gets away by hiding in someone else’s (Nerissa’s) skin.

I can buy that. The one issue I have with it being that way around is that we get Faith’s head, which doesn’t change back into Nerissa’s as we’ve seen happens on death with those kinds of glamours. The other side of it is the Magic Mirror not being able to show Faith, which would point in the other direction. It’s debatable.

I just finished the game, and while I think the ending and the story is supposed to imply Nerissa was the only one we met, it doesn’t actually compute. Bigby has a keen nose and should easily have been able to tell if they were the same person. For that matter, they also violate comic book canon when he can’t tell that Snow White’s head is not actually her head. So I suppose they’re taking some liberties with the characters

That’s an excellent point. The comics have definitely shown Bigby’s nose in action, but has it actually be established that he can smell through glamours? I don’t recall it ever coming up.

I just finished it last night myself and have to agree with what some others have said here. My impression was either that Nerissa was Faith all long (this seems more likely to me) or that Faith was Nerissa all long (the reason this one doesn’t make as much sense to me is because if it was the case, who was the Faith head supposed to be? It obviously wasn’t glamored because it would have worn off eventually (like Lily’s did)).
No, I think that Faith was actually killed before the story even started and that Nerissa was acting as Faith in the beginning.