The wonderful and amazing Ionic Hair Wand from Sharper Image!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this revolutionary new hair brush is not your ordinary stick with bristles, no indeed. While it certainly can handle anything your old, outdated, ordinary brush does, the IHW does so much more. The IHW

My sister bought one and I tried it but I can’t say I noticed any significant unusual effects. Admittedly, I wasn’t very scientific in my assessment so it certainly could’ve done what it claims to do without me noticing. What do you think? Any scientific basis?

There’s one born every minute…

Um, I thought that it was negative ions that were supposed to be good, and positive ions that were supposed to be bad?

And anyway, isn’t “positive ions” just another word for static electricity?

This site also has a description of three kinds of ionizers that are available. I don’t see any mention of hairbrushes. :smiley:

So you bought a hairbrush that generates static electricity? Dude. How much it set you back? :smiley:

No, no, no. My sister bought it. Let’s just make sure that’s clear from the get-go. I’m visiting my parents and saw it and she went ahead and explained it to me and showed me the catalogue. I was pretty certain that it was pure nonsense but, as she seemed to think it works, I told her I would keep an open mind and check it out.
I’m not sure how much it cost but I’ll bet more than 10X a non-ionic hairbrush.
I feel kinda bad having to tell her the reality of it. I’ll just try to avoid her for the time. Sorry sis.

Hehe, I used to work across the way from a Sharper Image. If you wanted, you could have virtually everything in the world ionized…your pants press, your hairbrush, your shaver (!), your anti-lint brush, your toothbrush, and, of course, your air.

I’ve learned a simple defintion:

ion = load of crap

It’s served me well so far.

New information available at this thread.

Not that I’m opposed to passive euthanasia, but I’m hoping someone can respond to Zor’s insightful post from the other thread before this one dies.

From the other thread:

Ewe… looks like the other thread got locked up :frowning:

Anyway, I think those ionic/ozone hair brushes probably do work to some extent, except that you’re getting charged for more than they’re worth. You can probably get better results by purchasing any one of those acidifiers commonly employed by hair stylists. Enter hair and acidifier into any search engine and you can find a long list of products to consider.