The word is penis, Extenze

There’s an herbal supplement that claims it can make “a certain part of the male anatomy larger” called Extenze. Extenze generally advertizes on late night television. Now, I’m pretty sure that Extenze doesn’t work, but that doesn’t particularly bother me…I’m pretty sure Billy Mays can’t get stains out of my clothes either. What does bother me, though, is that the Extenze people, in spite of selling a product that supposedly extends the size of your penis, doesn’t say penis throughout the entire ad. Is this some sort of delicacy on their part? It seems if you’re selling a penis extender, you don’t have a right to be prudish.

If they don’t say penis, they can’t be sued for fraud.

Just a WAG but they probably would get nailed for false advertising if they were too specific. This way, when it doesn’t work, they can claim that’s not the body part they meant.

It is funny to see those hot hot hot women talking like Victorians. :smiley:

Shit. No wonder my Adam’s apple hasn’t gotten any bigger.

If you swallow enough of them, your stomach gets bigger.

Thing is, as I understand it, it doesn’t actually “work”, in any meaningful way. Dick-wise, you’re stuck with the, ah, hand that was dealt you. All it does is prevent the ordinary shrinkage we mostly associate with sudden and unexpected exposure to lots of cold water.

But if your problem is a lack of lead in your pencil, no rigor in your mortis…then all you have is, at best, a “pitiful helpless giant”, in Henry Kissingers deathless phrase.

Ironically, that’s the part that modern medical science can legitimately help with.

The correct spelling is ExtenZe. Which reminds me of eXistenZ–the eponymous computer game in the deeply weird film by David Cronenberg.

Just a surreal touch to amuse me as I lunge for the remote, late at night…

Just so! And if the intent is to please or impress women, I think all I’ve ever known are more approving of Tiny Tim, reporting for duty and rarin’ to go, than the Incredible Hulk snoring in a hammock.

So to speak.

…a banana hammock, if you will.

The website seems to talk about nothing but making your penis bigger. In fact, this answer to the question “How long do I take ExtenZe” in the FAQ’s: “Take one tablet each day until you reach the size you desire. It’s up to you how large you want your penis to become.” is actually a bit scary…

I miss Smilin’ Bob…

runnerpat, for a second my brain went blink and I thought you’d put “WANG” instead of “WAG” in your message.

Having said that—that commercial makes me giggle. IMO, you can get more mileage out of a carefully applied and used cock ring than some silly pill.

A capsule that can make a man larger?!

smirks grotesquely

Yup, eat enough sugar pills, and you’ll get fatter. I hate that fucking commercial.

Well, someof these things aren’t sugar pills, they are herbal supplements of possible, potential and doubful efficiency- not of making your penis bigger per se, but helping your erections. A harder erection is a bigger penis, in a way, right?

Some of the ingrediantes in some of the supplements out there perhaps sometimes work. Others seem to be worthless, and a few are possibly dangerous.

Personally I think that the advertisers dont use the word penis so that they dont get sued by all those blokes who use the product and end up with the same sized dick but a huge big toe.
It does say “a part of a mans anatomy”,if you happen to think that they mean your dick it just goes to show that you’ve got a filthy mind.

If someone can come up with a product that enlarges the amount of cash that I’ve got then thats going to impress women a hell of a lot more IMO.

Ahhh, an excuse to post my favorite webcomic of the week.

Do I have to say it? Don’t read this one at work.

I’ve got a mutual fund that I’d love to sell you.

But, but, Dr. Stein says it is effective, so it must work: Extenze. Here is a Star Wars spoof of the commercial: Force Extenze

There’s another one they play on talk radio a lot where the word “penis” has clearly been dubbed over with the word “performance”.

As in, “Vasomax (Maxovase? something with Max in it) is guaranteed to extend your performance. When she sees the size of your performance, she’ll be desperate to try it out.”