The world as it is

is it possible that all this freedom that we currently have become the end of us?

I’ll give it a definite “maybe”.

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Please elaborate on your question.

No, because we haven’t ended.

Sure, it’s possible. We might all decide, unanimously, that life isn’t worth the candle, and put ourselves quietly and peacefully to death.

In a less “free” sense, we might get into an escalating nuclear conflict, and blow ourselves to hell. Or we might find out that climate change reaches a “tipping point” and the earth’s atmosphere shoots up to 190 degrees F. (Average.)

Damn near anything you can imagine “could” happen. What are the likeliest outcomes?

My Magic 8-Ball says “Ask again later”.

Ooh, welcome to the SDMB. You’ve passed the initiation–you had a thread moved! Congratulations!

And just to answer your question, I consider our destruction because a significant portion of humanity becomes/remains unfree much more likely than that our freedom destroys us.

Who among us is too free as to endanger humanity? The answer is nobody.

The only thing that can endanger humanity is placing too much power in a centralized authority. So it follows that freedom is not a dangerous concept, but giving up too much freedom is possibly apocalyptic, yes.

What “freedom” are you viewing with such alarm? Please be concise and specific.

I am free to eat too much ice cream. It may indeed kill me.

And bears.

And overpopulation, global warming, pollution, etc. – the sorts of crises brought about by the “tragedy of the commons.” Individuals acting in their own interest without central authority can indeed cause disastrous situations.

I’m going to go ahead and say NO (to the OP).

Thank you! I’m relieved that I can eat all the ice cream I want without endangering myself.




I believe that with all the freedom we currently have it will be eventualy abused to the point where we loose it. We will vote ourselves too many benefits from a goverment that cannot sustain what we are asking. This could lead to all sorts of problems including civil wars, or genocide, who knows?

Zombies, even! Who knows??!?11

Obviously, I can see the mechanism for how government benefits lead to genocide (or zombies) but would you mind explaining it for the edification of the sheeple?

If you can’t see the obvious causal link between freedom, the modern liberal welfare state, genocide, and zombification, then you are obviously a bleeding-pancreas liberal and should be sat upon by Rush Limbaugh.