The world was created by a single thought?

An dissimilar theory to intelligent design which is kunlosophy. It describes how the universe was created and everything in it.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 2:

So what do you guys think about it?

The pretzels that people will tie themselves into to preserve their belief in a magic daddy never cease to amaze me.

And the thinker was created by…?

He thunk himself into existence.

Rodin. Duh.

Something from nothing. Where have I heard that one before?

What do I think? Bunk. I thunk it is bunk.

The first thing that Tak wrote, he wrote himself.

If it’s true, there’s no way to prove it or disprove it. And I guess that’s no accident.

In other words; it doesn’t explain anything, doesn’t predict anything (see: prove/disprove above) and just sounds profound. Bollocks made up to sell books/videos/whatever.

It probably sounds profound the first time you’ve heard it, but this is nothing new at all, and lacks any novel profundity.

Tak ah lah! Tak a lah. Timoh. Can de lach. On! On!

Profundity is overrated anyway. Clarity is much more important, and the OP’s quote is severely lacking in it.

What’s a “single thought”, anyway? Is there even such thing as an individual - an indivisible - thought?

My faith in Last Thursdayism has been shaken, unless that thought happened last Thursday.

It’s exactly as valid (or invalid) as every single other idea about how existence came into existence.

But the OP doesn’t the Universe was created by a thought, just the world.

If you’re gonna have delusions they oughtta be BIG ones.

Perhaps the universe was created by an essay, or a Power Point presentation. (Bill Gates would like that)

“The denial of this is coming from the boundaries of a limited mind for not believing in the possibility of this: a thought that created the entire universe by the one whose powers are limitless and infinite. Therefore, baseless rejection of it is coming from a limited mind that cannot perceive something whose power is absolutely limitless, unlike ours.”
(from near the bottom of the link)

Fortunately, my poor mind is too limited to believe this circular logic crap.

The second thing that Tak did, he wrote the Laws.

Hell yeah I can ha’ak my g’rakha correctly.

The First Rule of the Creation of the Universe is:

  1. You don’t talk about the creation of the universe.
  1. You don’t think about the creation of the universe.