The World's Best Hotdog

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!

The World’s Best Hotdog is served inside Dodger Stadium. A grilled Dodger-Dog, with mustard, relish and onions is the pinnacle of gustatory delight, Hot-Dog Division.

Any dissenters? :smiley:

Grilled!? This Chicagoan must protest. Hot dogs are to be steamed. I’ll have to say Superdawg is the dog I crave the most. Everything is mustard, raw chopped onions, relish, dill pickle, hot peppers (extra on mine, please) and, oddly, a pickled green tomato wedge.

No, I’ve got to say grilled is better’n steamed, although I prefer home-grilled hot dogs, with onions, tomatos and shredded cheese.

On the matter of the dog itself, and the other condiments, I will make no comment. But the mustard absolutely must be authentic Cleveland Stadium Mustard. It’s God’s gift to sausages.

It may well be that concerning the hot dog itself, the best may only be found in Chicago, Los Angeles, or some other locale, which would sadly mean that the Perfect Hot Dog has never yet actually been created. But then, that may also be regarded as a challenge, or an opportunity.

I’m not at all surprised. My second-favorite hot dog condiment is green tomato relish (as made by my mom), which would, I imagine, be similar to pickled green tomato wedge. Tastes seem to vary considerably on that one, though. And I usually use it in lieu of pickle relish, not in addition to.

The world’s best hot dog is any that you don’t buy from a New York City street vendor.

While my favorite is a Vienna Beef steamed dog on a poppy seed bun (the true chicago hot dog) that can be found at most Chicago style hot dog places I am also partial to the grilled dog found at Schnapper’s on Sanibel Island, FL.

You can keep your Nathan’s Famous.

The Fenway Frank. Boiled and grilled with mustard and relish.

Feh. Nathan’s. Coney Island. Case closed.

(Up yours Chicago :stuck_out_tongue: )

Personally I’ve never understood the mystique of the Dodger Dog. They are absolutely mediocre in my opinion.

Now, those bacon-wrapped dogs outside Staples Center are another story…

SuperDawg is a damn good dog, but I kinda like the Portillo’s dog, too.

My favourite hot dogs were the ones at the Montreal Forum.

Super Duper Weenie Man, in Fairfield Connecticut. No contest.

My personal favorite from that little slice of heaven is the Georgia Redhot, but that’s just me.

Is this my opinion, or is SDWM a legitimate contender for best hot dog place in the country? It ain’t just my opinion.



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Note that New York and Connecticut are the only states that boast multiple entries on Gourmet Magazine’s list. Eat that, Chicago!
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Dodger Stadium? Feh.

Koegel Vienna’s with Angelo’s coney sauce, fresh chopped onions, and mustard… Mmmmmm

As a transplanted Chicagoan, I’ll take a Vienna Beef dog, and drag it through the garden, please.

I’m just happy to see that nobody’s version of The Perfect Hot Dog involves that candy-sweet red stuff that kids call ketchup.

James’ Coney Island in Houston. Hands down, bar none.

No love for Crif Dogs? I’m no dog expert, but their bacon-wrapped number with avocado and sour cream is the yummiest heart attack you ever had.

No love for Crif Dogs? I’m no dog expert, but their bacon-wrapped number with avocado and sour cream is the yummiest heart attack you ever had.

How about Tommy’s at Cape May? I mean, it’s not exactly traditional. My favorite of his involves mashed potatos, baked beans, onions, cheese, mustard, chips, and several other condiments. At the very least his condiments are top 5, since the hot dog is really good, but not superb.

My favorite dog is the stripped-down Chicago-style dog served at Chickie’s on 28th and Pulaski. The traditional Chicago dog is served on a poppy seed bun and contains the following condiments: green relish, pickle wedge, onions, tomato, sport peppers, mustard, a dash of celery salt, and occassionally fresh cucumber slides as well.

Personally, while I do like it, I think it’s overkill. Many Chicago hot dog stands do the simplified mustard-relish-onions-pepper hot dog, which I think is much more appropriate. The key to a good hot dog, of course, is the hot dog itself. No amount of toppings will make a mediocre hot dog great. All hot dogs should be natural casing sausages and exhibit a nice snap to them when bitten into. The good Vienna Beef stands in Chicago all do this.

That said, I do appreciate Nathan’s in Coney Island very much. I also remember being a big fan of Elsie’s Hot Dogs i(now defunct) on/near Harvard’s campus. I’ve never had Dodger dog, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with grilling a hot dog and I can understand anybody who feels a grilled dog is superior. I grew up on Chicago dogs, so steamed is my preference, but otherwise, I would prefer grilled dogs. In fact, the Char Dog, as it’s known in Chicago, is actually quite popular and offered by many hot dog establishments.

Oh, I am such a moron.

I do have a clear winner for world’s best hot dog/sausage stand, and it’s not the aforementioned Chickie’s. It’s

Hot Doug’, “the sausage superstore and encased meat emporium.”