"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

For those worried about my eating … I got a sudden gnawin’ and a cravin’ for RED MEAT and got myself a ribeye.

Cooking method: Cast iron. So much butter. So much garlic.

Working my way through it now, with a side helping of roasted garlic, so { :astonished: hhhuuuuhhhh } no vampires tonight, that’s for sure.

Jesus. I may brush my teeth twice.

Listen to ^^ for her words are wise, and full of wisdom.

Thanks, y’all. It really means a lot to me to have the support from the mumpers. Youse guys are a very special and important (to me) part of the interwebs.

Too much time on the phone, so I didn’t get to the gym. Note to self: too much yakking = too much slacking.

Sari, I dunno, but I think I’m going to stick to what I said earlier. I had a number of students who simply weren’t ready to drive at 16, recognized it, and opted to wait. Kids mature at different rates. Maybe the question should be, “What does your son need to pursue getting his license?” Motivation? (It’s a pain, he doesn’t want to study for it.) Reassurance? (What if I’m a sucky driver? What if I crash?) Time? (I don’t have the judgment and decision-making skills drivers need!) I hope he can take drivers ed. My son did, and it made him a safer driver, but the school no longer offered it when his sister was 16–one reason she waited: she wanted more supervised experience first.

VanGo, plumbers and carpenters make more than teachers. I decided early on that life is too short to go for a job that paid well but that I hated. Your friends probably envy your independence and creativity.

OK, shutting up now.

Mrs. L.A. and I split the Trader Joe’s Cobb Salad for dinner. I’m having some cabernet sauvignon, and she’s having K-cup Mexican hot chocolate with whipped cream.

VanGo please don’t judge yourself by other people, it is so very easy to always see things they do better. I know someone who makes and sells wonderful soaps. She was very proud last year when her business started paying well enough to get her off food stamps. I was once on food stamps for a month and a half because I’ve always been well over income. Sometimes I really wish I had followed her path, she always seems to live to work, where I always worked to live.

One of my mother’s favorite stories is about the time that I scared my sister so much about vampires that my sister ATE an entire bulb of raw garlic and went to bed with her window and door closed. Our dog always followed Mom when she was waking us up and even the faithful dog fled when Mom opened sister’s door. I might not have been the best big sister in the world.

But, damn girl! I bet you are the most fun!

I’m the one who took Mom to her first male strip club! I’m also the favorite aunt of them all!!!

Little wonder!

Sorry y’all for being a downer. On the plus side I did have a very nice dinner.

And will be helping a good friend wrangle some plywood into his basement tomorrow. He gave up his truck for a more baby appropriate vehicle, they now have a six month old little one, but still he needs some sheet goods, and I gotta truck.

So I’m gonna see the little one, and help my friend do some good tomorrow.

I’m also the one my sister called when 15 year old nephew said he was going to get a tattoo and she wanted me to talk him out of it because he listened to me sometimes. I also didn’t want him to get a homemade ink job, so took him to our favorite tattoo place so he could look at designs and pictures (most of the pics in the album are of new tats, there usually is blood leaking). We were lucky enough to get there when a big, tough looking biker was getting a full back tat. Biker guy was holding the table so hard his knuckles were white, he was sweating and water was coming out of his eyes.

Nephew left with BIG eyes, muttered something about needing to save up money and at 40 something, still doesn’t have any ink.

A lot to be said for baby-visiting. Enjoy!

I’m going to baby sit one of my grandchildren tomorrow too. I’m just not sure which one. They are both in Child Development Lab schools, but in two different colleges, with slightly different Fall break schedules. I’m covering for whichever parent doesn’t have the same Fall Break off. Should be an adventure. My daughter works from home so I’ll have close supervision.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

How do you know she wasn’t a stunt double for V?

the same here … although we’ve done it on different parts of the valley on the same day …since were the ski resorts one day some snow blew off the mountains and dusted Palmdale with 2 inches and Lancaster was 73 degrees … someone decided mother nature was in the good stuff that day

I have no advice about driving as the state of California pretty much told me they wouldn’t even accept my application as 1 my eyesight isn’t good enough and I do not have the attention span for driving (my relatives say dory has a bigger attention span than I do )

Also as I’ve only had 1 1/2 legal jobs in my life I have no advice on being successful as I look at most employed people and say better thee than me …

on the holiday hell front ver 1.0 is almost over … would of been over last week but aunt decided with out the paper they looked bare so I had to order some and it was 5 days with prime so we shall be done tomorrow … i hope …

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 60 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 91 and N.O.S. for the day. So, Summer is sayin’ hello again. I’d say it’s weird, but it is not weird in these parts. I shall take care of some church janitor JW duties this mornin’. I could also mow, but don’t place any bets on that. Sup shall be majik intartoobz pizza and sallit.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Firday Y’all!

My daughter told me this particular location has always been slow, even before the plague. She said they always just went inside. Personally, I don’t much like Popeye’s, so I don’t care. Don’t like Chick-FilA either - I find their food mediocre at best, and I don’t like their politics either, so I never go there of my own accord.

The paperwork he had to fill out ahead was interesting - essentially warning that if he was doctor-shopping to get opioids, he should just go away. I’m guessing pain mgmt docs deal with that a lot. But he didn’t prescribe anything - just told him he could up his gabapentin as high as 4 capsules at a time if needed. But the long drive there and back did a job on his knee - he’s skipping therapy today, since he woke at 3 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Gracious - I didn’t realize you had such shoddy credentials. I don’t know if I should associate with you any longer.


I crack me up sometimes!

At lunch yesterday, my sister got an order of garlic parm wings. My mom was saying they’d be driving home with the windows open! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Plus we’re really easy to ignore as necessary! So you can ignore anything anyone says to you and we’ll never know.

FWIW, I’m really impressed by people who build beautiful things. My FIL did amazing woodworking before his health failed. I tried once to make a small box out of cherry and I discovered that it’s not nearly as easy as the guys on TV made it look. I am sorry people don’t pay you more for your work - sometimes they truly don’t appreciate what’s involved in the process. It’s just some boards and some nails and some paint, right?? :roll_eyes:

You, my dear, are a genius!!!

Like I said, FCD decided against PT this morning, but he was afraid to fumble around in the dark looking for my phone to turn off the alarm, so I was rudely ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) awakened at 6 from a deep sleep. He has since gone back to bed, but really, it’s fine.

On our way home last night, we stopped at Aldi and I got a rack of baby back ribs which are now rubbed and waiting in the fridge till I roll the smoker outside. That won’t happen till it’s light out. And once they’re smoked, they’ll be vacuum-packed and frozen to go to FL with us.

It’s supposed to be an above-normal-temp day and I’ll take advantage of it by pressure-washing the clothesline deck. With luck, it’ll dry and stay dry long enough for me to get a good coat of paint on it. That’s today’s big chore plan. I want to bake some 'nanner bread to take to FL, but I may wait till it’s cooler out so I’m not over-heating the kitchen. We shall see.

I think that’s enough for now. Happy Firday, all!!

Afternoon, mumpers! And happy Friday :slight_smile: It’s a lovely day here, 11C/54F and sunny out there. I have the day off from irk, which is even better. Been to the gym this morning, came home and vacuumed the floors as we have a friend coming over later. Need to get a shower and wash my hair next, then sort out some lunch.

This afternoon’s project will involve some ironing, and then deciding what to wear this weekend. We are at a music festival (starts 6pm tonight) so I’ll need three different t-shirts. Got to decide which band t-shirt to wear on which day, and work out if they need scissors taken to them - normally I cut the neck out and snip the sleeves so they’re less constricting. Friend is due to be here around 4pm, we’re going to the pub for curry at 5pm and then heading to the festival venue.

Saturday’s plan is the gym in the morning for me, blokie’s sorting out food, then cab out to festival so we can all have an adult beverage or three, and a cab home afterwards. Sunday is my food day so full breakfast before we drive back to the festival venue (got to work on Monday so no drinkies for me).

VanGo I am often curious about the life choices and career paths of friends, particularly when I look at how my own has gone. I know we should not compare ourselves to others, and it’s true that you have no idea how happy they might be. One of my friends was saying recently that he ran a 7-figure company in the UK for many years but he was so stressed that he was throwing up in the shower every morning, and the drive to succeed was killing him. He gave it up to go into band management, and is the happiest he’s ever been. Makes a fraction of the money he used to, but he says that that benefits to his health are worth every sacrifice he’s made.

Right…better get off here and get on with stuff otherwise friend will be on the doorstep and I won’t have done half the things I need to!

Productive morning so far.

Loaded and ran the dishwasher - it just finished. Got the icemaker running - that puppy cranks out the cubes fast! Moved the smoker outside, and let it preheat - the ribs are in there now for another 4+ hours or so.

FCD just got up from his unsuccessful sleep attempt. So I’ll shower and dress, then strip the bed and do some laundry. After it warms a bit more, I’ll break out the pressure washer. Good times ahead!

Good morning everyone.

VanGo, what people say about happiness is true. Also, I’ve always envied people who can make beautiful things from wood. I LOVE the smell of freshly cut wood and would spend hours watching “Nahm” making furniture, as well as the other guy who used all hand tools!

I actually really dislike having a desk job. I wanted to be a forester, but real life and lack of money made college a non-starter. Marriage and kids came along; so then it was the need to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. So, I try to make the best of what I have to do. I’m not rich, but I’m doing pretty well considering I don’t even have a degree. It’s not my dream, but if I constantly lived with what-ifs, I’d be a miserable person. I have friends who are much better off than me, but I’m not sure they are really happy; they seem stressed and worried about getting things. I have friends who are not as well off too, and they are a mix; some are really struggling, and others are happy. It just depends.

Sari, I agree with the others re: son’s license. I think him paying for an Uber or six, or worse, having to take a bus, might change his mind about getting the license.

I’m a northern girl; can’t abide heat and constant sunshine, don’t like it, and don’t understand those that do. I actually like rainy days (though sometimes, they get old when it’s 30 days straight), and I wish we received more snow where I do live, but we get enough coolness to qualify for having actual seasons.

I’m supposed to be off today (credit hours to burn) but have that stupid union thing again. Yesterday was even worse and I don’t look forward to today. I told them I could only be part of the negotiations for a couple of hours because I’m supposed to be off and I do have plans. There are other folks from the management team there, so I’m sure it’ll be fine if I’m not there. Consequently, I’m not in a big hurry to get to my work computer, and I really don’t need to do so until 8:30. I could get a little extra work done, but, we’ll see.

I need to clean the kitchen, scrub the floors, and maybe mow the lawn. The last depends on if it rains or not.

Good morning!

Up, caffeinating, breakfasted, bed stripped, a load of towels and sheets ready for the dryer and fixing to clean house after KP.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

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