"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

You can count on me for civil disobedience.

A few years ago my brother and I were at the DMV to transfer a car title. There was a girl at the counter in a black slip. I just blinked at it a few times but brother snarked, “Somebody stole that poor girl’s dress.”

Happy Thorsday!

Was a chilly, foggy morning at the park.
The dogs had fun. Bandit got snippy with Echo for some reason, but he sure took off when she went back at him. Kind of funny because he is a rottie and more than twice her height and twice her weight. I was very happy to see Remus chase Echo a bit. He’s still leery of her.

A bit chaotic pet sitting yesterday. I had four dogs and only two hands.

I got my truck back last night. I got the text right before they close. I called as they were on the way out. The guy said he’d leave my truck for me with the keys in the glovebox. When I got out there, no truck. Fortunately, the owner of the shop lives next door and he brought my truck to me. Lucky he heard his phone as he was mowing the grass when I called.

My son called me at 1:00 this morning to get him. He expects to get out that early again tonight.
I don’t know how to motivate him to get his license.
Maybe when he has to wait out in the cold in December and January?

We had a guy come to the park one day wrapped in a blanket. No idea what was under it as he stayed up at the front bench.
Wearing something than hangs down to the dog park isn’t the smartest thing to do. Unless tug-o-war is your game. Two of our regulars come to the park with treats in their pockets. Both of them have come close to having their pants pulled down.

Cute puppy Sandpup.

I’ve finished all of the overdue laundry along with the towels used for cleaning up after the toilet overflow (they got washed twice in hot water) and am chilling in front of the 'puter while hubs naps. When he wakes up we need to take his bike to the dealership for scheduled maintenance.

I agree that you’ve got a real cute pup, Sandpup. I had a hard time finding a Maine Coon breeder, and they are fairly common cats. How long did your search take?

There are a lot of ladies who wear their pajamas and robes to pick up the surplus produce, but we don’t get out of our cars and desert mornings can get pretty cold. I saw some interesting clothing choices when I worked at the food stamp office but figured they didn’t have anything else in their closet.

Now the ones with marijuana leaves or swastikas tattooed on their necks and faces? Yeah, I totally judged them.

A cow-orker’s birthday is Sunday, so the ladies of the orifice organised a surprise birthday luncheon for her today. I didn’t contribute, as I didn’t get the message until this morning. But that’s OK, there were plenty of eats.

The bad news is I don’t know how many grams of carbohydrates I consumed. (My TJ Cobb Salad – which I’ll now have to take home – had 8 g.) The good news is there was a good selection of ‘keto’ stuff. I had mini-wienies-and-cheese-onna-stick (toothpick), a spinach salad that – unfortunately carb-wise – had cranberries in it that I didn’t notice until it was too late. OTOH, cranberries have fibre. I made a sandwich out of two bread-sized leaves of Romaine lettuce, two slices of ham, two squares (equivalent to half a slice) of Swiss cheese, two slices of tomato, brown mustard, and mayo. And I had two squares of sliced cheddar, and my 24-ounce Monster Ultra Zero.

Oof. I’m stuffed.

" You have until (insert date) to get your license. Period."

Yeah, I’m a meanie.

We’re waiting in line at Popeye’s drive thru because FCD wanted chicken. Soooooo slooooooooow! I just want to go home. Tahred.

Deciphering this family tree is like reading retroactive gossip. Whoever wrote it added little nuggets of info: one guy had a “natural” child by a milkmaid, another “liked women and gin.” I can’t make out all the names, but by golly, the dirt is legible!

…and me for uncivil disobedience!

“Which swings do you want, Jimmy, regular or unleaded?”

Sari, glad you got your truck back. Hope your son decides to get his license soon so you can get more sleep. My daughter wasn’t ready until she was 17. I didn’t push, but then, I wasn’t picking her up at 1. a.m…

flyboy, birthday party carbs don’t count.

The one time, so far, I had to put a pill down Pixel’s throat, the little sh*t bit me. Fortunately, he only has a few teeth, so it was just a hard pinch.

Home. We gave up on Popeye’s. We waited about 5 min just to be able to order, then sat and sat and sat for at least 10 minutes, no movement in the line, and FCD had enough. There was no curb, so we pulled out and left. I just ate a pear - he hasn’t decided if he wants to eat or not.

Long day. Nice lunch with my mom and sister, tho getting a word in edgewise is a challenge. I liked the pain doc, FCD is just tired of docs. But the doc said he doesn’t want to do anything till after FCD gets his other knee done. He did give him some info on pain med dosage that we didn’t know - here’s hoping it helps.

I’m in serious need of chillage.

Won’t happen till he feels the pain of not having a license.
As long as you keep enabling him, he’ll continue to coast.

Yeah, I’m a way bigger meanie than FCM.

I’m not sure how to express what I’m feeling right now. I met some friends for a few bevs this afternoon, and I’m feeling like I picked the wrong career tree. These guys are great, I love them, but I’m just as smart as they are, yet they are is high end positions at a major university’s IT department. And here I am struggling to keep my exhibit/furniture fabrication company going. I can build most anything, interactive exhibits, display cases, what have you, but I ain’t making rent these days. Sucks, but ok.

Now, how do reconcile in my brain these guys when I am jealous that they picked a better path?

Sorry, needed to put this somewhere. I don’t have a lot of people to talk to.

Maybe the woman mistook Lowe’s for Wally World Moooooooom

I’m glad that you’re having a good day butters.

Yay for Gibbs being a little frisky bumba!

Yeah, sari, I’m with shoe on getting your son’s license.

I got a call this morning that cousin Sis passed overnight. I had a long conversation with her daughter this afternoon. There’s some family drama, but she’s working through it. Sis’ memorial service will be combined with her son’s next Wednesday. I can’t take off to go, but am continuing to talk to her daughter. Thanks for all of the hugs and sympathy.

Miss Bonnie was at the old lady table today instead of one of the Lao ladies. She’s been there nearly as long as I have and is a trip. Hair teased to the point of taking offense, rings on every finger and a semi-white trash attitude. Despite our obvious differences, I do like her.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Well crap, I wanted to delete that thing, but apparently waited too long. Please ignore.

Stay safe all!

Nuh-uh. I ain’t ignorin’ nuthin’ Paintcharge.

I don’t have a lot of good advice, mind you, but I wanted you to know that feelings like that are so very common.
More so than you’d probably ever imagine.

Money isn’t everything, but it sure is important for paying rent and bills (e.g. “chasing off the wolves howling at my door”) and for buying/renting the little creature comforts in life.

And it sucks, mightily, to see someone working maybe not even as hard as you, and yet they have all these cushy things, and money to spend without worrying about how X and Y will get paid meantime.

Again - and I’m sorry, I wish I did - I don’t have advice. Some of the smarter, wiser Mumpers might.
But I want you to know you’re not alone in feeling the way you do.

That’s all I’ve got.

Howdy Y’all! Nice day of sloth here at da cave. Decided on succotash and wild rice as sup sides. I knew y’all would be worried until I said sump’n. Right now I feel like I could go to bed but I shall wait a little while, else I’d be up at four a.m.

VanGo this is the place you can just say stuff. Always feel free to do that. It’s a part of what the MMP is about.

sari sometimes you have to motivate. Maybe it’s time to motivate SahSon re his driver’s license. Of course, you know him best.

MOOOOOOM glad the meetup with your mom and sis was good. Hope the advice the pain doc gave helps FCD.

Bumba glad to hear Gibbs is bein’ a little frisky.

Butters glad you had such a good day. Ain’t retirement da bomb!

Evening all. Soccer has been practiced and the L for the BLT’s has been bought and applied. Got a letter from Toys for Tots with big letters saying DO NOT SHRED. Turns out it has a little coin in there to try and lure you…tossed the coin in the trash and shredded the letter.

Sari, know you’re trying to be patient with your son and he has progressed quite a bit, but until you put your foot down firmly he’s not going to do the driving thing. You know him best and what will (or will not) work.

VanGo, life is such that we don’t know what it will bring. I came out of college going to be a High School teacher and never succeeded in being one. Lucked into a Government job, made a decision to move a few years later, and then got made ‘excess’ and moved to a job where I stayed the next 30 years. But all of it could have been different. Be happy with your life, don’t dwell on what might have been. IMHO as always; YMMV.

red, condolences for cousin Sis, sorry you can’t make it.

FCM, yeah, drive-thru lines have gotten long and slow lately here too (not at Popeyes, don’t go there). Chic-Fil-A has lines all around their building sometimes.

OK, need to do some internettin’ then move on to readin’ and TV-in’. All y’all take care.

Which is exactly my last experience at Popeye’s. No plans to go back. Raising Cane is just two blocks away and they seem to be able provide service. I always thank the staff profusely for being there.

Somehow my housemate is gonna have to figger out some other way to get her Popeye’s red beans and rice*. I’m sure not going through that again.

*she grew up in Texarkana. What can I say?

Sounds like the pain management doc did well by FCD. Glad to hear it.

And I’m a way bigger meanie than both of them!

You gotta make the pain of no license worse for him than broken up sleep is for you. Paying for a week or two of Uber or Lyft rides home might do it. By which I meant him paying for a week or two of rides home, not you!

I am happy to be a person you can ‘talk’ to, keep it coming.

But are they happier in their lives than you? Could they create their way out of a paper bag? What you build will be around for decades. Can they say that?

But I know the feeling. I’m almost the only person person in my family without an MD, JD or PhD. I’m not even an engineer! Imagine!

No words of wisdom here VanGo, but this is a safe place to vent. I feel like you do sometimes, but then kick myself in the butt (is that even possible?) and try (don’t always succeed) not to compare myself to others. It still sucks bigtime to have financial worries though.