"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

Woke around 4, played games on the tablet till 6:30-ish. I have since tended to the critters, fed my face, caffeinated, and started the ice maker. We’ll leave in about 2 hours for Timonium and the Nautilus Diner. My mom an youngest sis are meeting us for lunch. FCD’s appointment is at 1:30, just up the road from the diner. We can have a leisurely meal and chat before getting help for his pain (I hope!!)

The meals at the diner are quite substantial, so I doubt we’ll be having supper. One less thing. And this little trek there and back again will pretty much kill our day. If we get out of there by 3, we should miss the DC rush hour - at least most of it. But it will still be late afternoon when we get back.

All in all, a pretty nothing day. Well, as nothing as time with my goofy sister can be. Those of you who have friended her on FB know what I mean… :rofl:

Happy Thursday!!

Cute puppy!!

Ok, phone app developers, I appreciate you updating things, but don’t move the off button on the alarm.

Now onward to the day. I hope to finish building the coffee station/napkin storage cabinet for the restaurant client today/tomorrow. Then it’ll be 2 days of staining and finishing. And I need to reserve a van for delivering the museum piece next week. Huzzah!

Good morning everyone.

The pics still don’t work for me (wants me to sign in to my amazon account), so I’ll just take everyone’s word for it.

I hope there is some resolution to FCD’s chronic pain, FCM.

The negotiations with the union folks were painful and slow. Out of the seven articles we looked at, only two were agreed upon by both sides. There are close to 40 articles. I don’t think we’re going to get done. I have to do it again today and tomorrow. I was supposed to be off tomorrow, but I need to be there, so I told m,y boss, I’d be on the clock for that part of the day. I’m still annoyed though. Sadly, this is just an MOU; when it’s time to renegotiate the CBA next year, it’s going to be a thousand times worse.

I didn’t get to mow the lawn yesterday, now I have to hope the weather forecast for Saturday turns out to be true.

I hope the meds help your pup, Bumba. I send him skritches and head kisses.

Well, I suppose I should get myself another cup of coffee. I’ve been up since 3:00; it’s going to be a long day.

I just remembered something I’ve been meaning to share since the weekend. I was in Lowe’s picking up an order, and this woman came in wearing jammie pants, slippers, and wrapped in a BLANKET!! :confounded: She walked down one aisle, then turned around and left again.

Jammies in public are bad enough (yeah, I’ve been known to venture into my yard in robe and slippers) but adding a blanket is just over the top. I just can’t…

When I used to work in a little newsagent/grocery shop, we did get one regular who would show up in a dressing gown and slippers- one on occasion having obviously got out of the bath so recently that he was dripping water on the floor, but then he did live in the flat upstairs, and we knew him well enough to laugh at him (usually he’d show up 10 minutes before closing to buy milk for breakfast).

Wearing jammies and blanket wrapped around oneself in shops is not generally considered a mark of class, unless one is under one year of age.

I have pre-recorded online classes today, so I barely have to leave my room all day, but even I’ve dressed up more’n that.

Crudeness is my middle name. I shall seek it out today. Thank you.

I had the best day yesterday. Went to my ladies who lunch lunch. Had a good time and no sooner than I got home my yard lady brought her new puppy over and we chatted for hours. I was not expecting the maid yesterday as I had things scattered all over but I hopped into action and helped her a bit so it was nice to have a clean house though still not sorted and organized. That’s everyday this week I have left the house. Today is a stay home day I hope.

My son and his girl send me a Ninja Foodi all in one cooker that grills, air fries, bakes, roasts and dehydrates. I wouldn’t have bought it for myself but am learning how to use it. I’m gonna grill up some chicken later. I guess I shall shall get moving and walk the dog. Happy whatever day it is.

I haven’t checked but it looks awfully cloudy. A rain day would be even better.

Good morning all. 72F heading for 83F and no rain expected, so a nice day. Arms are both a bit sore from the shots last afternoon, but I’m feeling ok. May go shoe shopping here in a little bit, need a pair of ‘good’ shoes and maybe check out that Fleet Feet store red mentioned. Then soccer this afternoon.

Butters, happy you had such a good day; have another one today.

FCM, looked up the Diner menu on-line (everything is on-line these days) and that’s quite a selection (pricey, though) but they don’t have Meatloaf! I thought all diners had to have meatloaf on their menus!! :grin: :wink: Enjoy.

sandpup, that is quite a cute puppeh there; I figure you know about training dogs since all reports note that they are pretty stubborn and independent. Updates will always be welcome.

Not to mention isosceles pups…

BBBoo, forgot about Lindenwood…nice place. And I think I was there in St. Louis for the earthquake…oddest feeling.

OK, onward into the day. All y’all take care.

It’s raining again.
I swear, the cats are gonna start holding me personally responsible, and possibly kill & eat me in my sleep.
I did give them each a small pile of catnip on the (rather damp) side stoop, so at least they got to roll around & get high.

As today is a Blessed Day Off, I am bound & determined to re-start Project Guv’mint Paperwork today. My “reward” as planned is another working visit to my friend’s place later this afternoon, to trim for a few more hours.

So, of course, I’ve played my dumb zombie game & am Doping, attending to cats, etc. to procrastinate.

I do need to get them more kibblez (the bastards eat, like, every day!) and the trip takes me past a dispensary I can’t use until said Guv’mint Paperwork is accomplished, so that minor sidetrack might actually give me more motivation.

I love this place. I made a medical joke, turned that into a weed joke, then you made a math joke … we high-class 'round here!

Knew there was a reason I liked you.

This made me so happy for you!

Maybe she was looking for a space heater?

… though to be honest, I probably would have thought more along the lines of, “Bitch, it ain’t that cold!” and then mentally shrugged & moved on.

I have zero tolerance for people’s B.S. when it affects me, others, or society at large. But I also give zero shits when it affects nobody else.

Okay, that’s enough of me dropping naughty words into the MMP. Off to fix another slice of toast - probably will slather with butter this time, rather than egg salad - and maybe go get the cat kibble if the rain lets up.

I may not eat every day, but I’ll be damned if my mammals do the same. (Snakes don’t eat on the daily, or I’d have said “I’ll be damned if I let my pets go without” as I first typed out, before nit-picking myself in true Doper style.)

… and on that note, the rain stopped, and the sun came out with a blinding vengeance!

So you were out in St. Charles? I live in west county and need to get my tail out there this year - it’s so pretty during the holidays and I’ve heard really great things about Lindenwood. I went to Wash U myself and just never left.

I learned recently that St. Louis is considered sub-tropical. Though I guess sub-tropical can also include cooler winters, but still. I’d have never classified it that way.

I’m sorry to hear about Gibbs, Bumba. I hope the meds work.

And hugs to all with your shitty days.

Today is my Friday - the kids have a half day at school and Friday and Monday off, so I thought I’d take it off with them. It’s drizzly and yuck outside. I wish it would just decide to full-on rain. Though I could hardly sleep at all last night until 2 a.m., so that’d probably knock me right the heck out.

Anyway, off to work. I keep hoping the day will be uneventful then someone freaks out and runs around with their hair on fire for a while. Why do people assume losing their shit adds some sort of value to their work? I get things done and I get them done fast, as do those on my team, but I’m hardly going to apologize for not losing my mind whenever there’s a deadline. It’s not like getting things done on time is optional.

She is a very cute girl~sweet smile! Thank you for the pic, keep them coming. Can’t ever have too many puppy pics!

It was a great four years~I was lucky. They took liberal arts education very seriously and that has stuck with me.

Yep, on my red brick, ivy covered buildings idyllic quadrangle. It was a world apart then. We’d sidle into the big city for a taste of the wild side, usually a Wash U frat party. I still can’t stand Southern Comfort!

Which one would that be? :slight_smile:

It was somewhat less crazy. I made a chorizo, egg, Hatch chilie and cojita muffin sandwich for breakfast(a MexMuffin?). Tasty, but chorizo does not hold a shape. Next time I’ll just do it as a taco,


Fo shizzle!

Or you’re a Van Pelt.

She says, innocently.

OK. I want to know too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Thorsday everyone!

Plants Vs. Zombies.

It’s just mindless enough to be soothing/relaxing, and then (some) levels require just enough strategy to engage one’s brain … often the bits that don’t get engaged during a normal customer service work shift.

Plus there’s daily stuff, so it encourages coming back. It’s turned into part of my morning routine.

Very, very bad days = not even checking in on MMP or Zombie game.

Semi-bad days = one or t’other but not enough wherewithal for both.

OMG I am stuffed. I had the Tuscan panini. I won’t have to eat for a week!

MetalMouse - the portions are huge, so it’s really not stupid expensive. And it’s good.

shoe - the blanket girl didn’t offend me. Just left me shaking my head with a giggle.

Waiting now in the Dr office. Good times!!!

The washer is chugging and the dryer is tumbling. So far, that’s all I’ve accomplished besides the daily tough love lecture to the avocado. It grew another 1/2 inch overnight, so :woman_shrugging:

I woke up with a familiar pain in the right eye, so I bumped up the prednisone drops. That’s what the eye doc would tell me to do, and I don’t want to spend the time or money just to hear him say what I already know.

I KNEW they were a bad influence! At least you’re not eating mice…yet. :slight_smile:

I knew a woman who walked into the restaurant for her first date with a guy she’d met online, saw the sole male customer was in SpongeBob footie PJ’s, turned on her heel, and walked out.

Butters, yay for best days!

This is why you should always carry a small bottle of kerosene in your purse.

Hair spray is flammable. Target carries purse size hair spray. Easier to get away with.

They seem to be. He seems more frisky. He’s getting two different antibiotics, something that’s labelled ‘heart support’, and a diuretic. We just gave him his morning (5) pills, but he’s on to us. He’ll lick the peanut butter off and refuse the pill inside. It’s fun. :roll_eyes: But at least it’s not as bad as giving pills to a cat. (one of my college roommates had 2 Siamese cats.)

Gas station tanks, as far as I know, are all steel tanks and WILL eventually leak. ALL of them. There used to be a Chevy dealership about 3 blocks from our house in the valley and somehow the city ended up in possession of the property. They had to dig up and remove a whole lot of dirt from where their tanks were. It cost them a LOT of money. There’s a park there now.

I was born in Michigan but raised up in Florida when hardly anybody had A/C and we didn’t think about it then. We just got on with our lives. Nowadays, however, I don’t like the heat and refuse to go back there. Fortunately I don’t have any relatives there now. I have some in Georgia and Alabama, but they think I’m the devil’s minion, being an agnostic liberal and all, so I don’t go there either.

I dug (by hand) my own septic system (and 142’ of drain lines) one time but don’t remember any filter, but requirements vary from place to place.

Cute puppy :skritches:

Whelp, Wifey wants her 'puter back. Later.

I love that I can come to The Dope and get advice on how to hide accelerant. You guys are the best!