"The world's goin' to hell but I'm still here" MMP

Morning all. Firday paper has been rescued from the outside, pills taken, and some stuff has been bought on-line, so for me it’s been an active morning. Thinking about going shopping again a little bit later, we have soccer practice tonight and rain is forecast for late tonight, so games tomorrow may be in jeopardy. We’ll just have to see what the Weather Wizards have in store for us. It is supposed to cool down some more (high is 82F for today, but only 65F tomorrow), which is nice since it is the middle of October and things should be cooling off.

Boo fae, enjoy the music this weekend.

unknown, I think you are a most likeable person…and pretty smart too boot.

shoe, not much for garlic but the steak sounds delicious.

To be honest, FCM, never been to Popeye’s or Chic-Fil-A, don’t care much for carry-out chicken, but I did once wait in line at a Hardee’s for 5 minutes before figuring out that they had closed the restaurant…

OK, best be about the day. All y’all take care.

It’s a foggy morning, but - esp. as far as a certain pair of felines is concerned - beats hell out of a soggy morning!

Wasn’t sure if she would, but Pretzel ate last night. She’d been roaming her tank a bit more than usual lately, so I took a chance that it was hunting behavior.

Alright, that’s all I can think of for now.

Good snakey. Just hope her human ate too, and no rodents for you please. :laughing: What are the little snake’s eating habits like? (Sorry, can’t recall small snake’s name.)

Hopefully sorting out sleep “cycle”, currently ingesting breakfast. I’m stuck at home until either DH arrives or FedEx does, whichever comes first. Once that’s sorted out, need to go get cash for tolls for that trip to the Bay Area tomorrow (still wish DH had been willing to go to a dealership closer to home). Also need to sort out car music for the trip, since we’ll be well outside the range of our preferred radio station. Also have one more shelving unit due for the Room of Doom. That’ll have to be the last one, since I won’t have space for another after this.

My new carpet shampooer is NINE days late arriving, and that’s 100% FedEx’s fault. The Jungle shipped promptly, some doofus at FE managed to lose track of the item. Several heated communications with their social media people ensued (this was the ONLY way to reach a human for help). Current tracking says it’s on a truck and out for delivery.

Worrisome how many stores it took to get the Princess’s preferred canned gunk package. I do have a decent reserve on hand for her, but the squirrel urges seem to be reviving. Dunno if it’s all those news stories about supply line issues or a more instinctual “fall is here, must gather in supplies for the winter”.

Probably both. One exacerbates the other.

Both ate! Charm is the little one - she gets a small about every week or so.

Pretzel gets one or two of my biggest adults every three weeks, give or take.

I had a big dinner last night, and leftover steak for breakfast plus some roasted garlic on crackers just in case there were any vampires lurking in the spooky early morning fog. :vampire:

I went thru a similar scenario with FedEx a year or so back. And it was an item we had to sign for, so when they texted that it was out for delivery, we were held hostage at home. Then it didn’t show… Impossible to reach a human under any circumstance. I think we finally got it 3 days later. I saw on FB that the local hub has a terrible reputation for crap like this. We hates them, we do!!

The bed has been remade, the clean sheets are stowed, there’s a load of shirts in the dryer and jeans in the washer. That will comprise all of today’s laundry. Once it’s all done, I’ll break out the pressure washer and have at it. :smiley:

It’s a loverly spring-like day out, but we may have to turn on the air before the day is over. Maybe not - we shall see.

Morning. Been up since early because it’s trash day and I had some to get out. I have a handyman type person coming by today to see if he can put up a linen closet door and replace a screen door on the porch and maybe talk about some painting inside. My son says he will come do it but I will be waiting forever if I wait for him.

I gave up half my income when I retired. Money is not everything. I just could not do it anymore. I was burned out and had to get away from that job. Plus, we couldn’t get any employees and my new boss was driving me bonkers. Her entire management style is to change stuff. Even stuff that was working good had to be changed. I don’t like change for changes sake. It was just time to go. I was a manager and all the BS that entails in a federal job. Had enough. I may miss the money but I’ll survive just fine without it. I had been there long enough to keep my health insurance at the same rate I was already paying and that was the last deciding factor. Peace of mind has never felt so good.

I don’t know what the day holds other than meeting the handyman. I could start dragging out another closet or not. I love being Willy-Nilly.

Happy Friday! Pixel rousted me out of bed at 5:30am, the little stinker. But the Dodgers beat the Giants, so all is right with the world, for a bit. Classes have nothing but finishing work in front of them today, then a late lunch with a teaching buddy. Students are coming into class complaining about the cold. It’s all of 64 degrees! The horror! Buncha wusses.

Heaved, then had to work the 20 slide. Even learned a few new things from the Hamat guy. Of course I don’t have access to those function right now so…

Cracked open some hummus for a light lunch (see? eating!) and it’s the “Roasted Garlic” flavor.

And they MEAN it, too.

So. Much. Garlic. At this rate, my immune system oughta be cast iron.

… speaking of, remember I was all butt-hurt because my ex was meeting his new GF’s parents the other week?

Well, uh, guess who gave him the 'Rona?!?

I’m not gleeful about this - I care about him & don’t want him to get sick.

But I feel this weird sense of … almost schadenfreude, kind of? I don’t know. I just found out & am slow to process complex emotions.

VanGo no worries. We offer everything from cheerleading to “free” advice. Here’s a long distance hug —> {{{}}}

Same goes for you, @purplehorseshoe! {{{{{ }}}}}

Back from the vet, and back to irk.

A cow-orker gave me a large container of home-made menudo on Tuesday. I’m warming it up on the stove for lunch. (The Missus won’t eat it.) I need to go to the corner market for an onion, cilantro, and a lime; but it’s not even 1100 yet so I’ll go in an hour.

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge menudo fan myself. Solidarity fist bump to the missus

My mother made tripe once. I asked (in childish fashion, I was maybe 9 or so) something that roughly amounted to, “WTF IS THIS” and she flat out lied to me.



(My mother is a sociopath, and - I’m sure COMPLETELY unrelated - I have trust issues.)

So I don’t trust eating menudo now, though the broth - strained of all organs - seems probably delicious.

Threw some peanuts out earlier, and am listening to the blue jay cacophony now.

Y’all with the Pixel/Pretzel pets confused me. I couldn’t figure out how a snake could wake someone up at 5:30, what with being in a case and all.

Barf to traffic around here. My friend needed help picking up some plywood (no pickup truck) so I drove him from his house to the Home despot, 6.5 miles each way. It was a 2 hour round trip.

Gotta remember to toss out some peanuts when I get home from irk. I keep forgetting to fill the feeders.

What’s wrong with menudo? It can’t be the taste, because it’s delicious! Maybe the texture? I can see how some people wouldn’t like it. Or is it just the idea of eating a stomach? Personally, I find something meta about putting a stomach in my stomach.

Oh, sweetie. There are many ways, LOL.

Besides the whole “escaped” scenario :scream: they can wake one out of a sound sleep while entirely enclosed, by … well … doing exactly what y’all humans do early in the wee hours.



Fart/poop combo. (That’s a fun one. Generally accompanied by a human sitting bolt upright and saying, “WTF!??!”)

In case anyone was wondering, the new pressure washer works. I just did the lower deck and steps, plus some of the cedar used for the bench and the upper structure. I need a few good, dry days, then I can scrape the loose paint bits and slap some paint on the bare spots. Then in the spring, I’ll get enough paint to give it two good coats.

I wish it had a short wand. The long one is great for doing the deck, but it was a pain when I was trying to clean the cedar bench. I need to look and see if someone makes a short wand.

Trying to decide if I want to order Chinese delivery for supper. Must give it some more thought.

Happy Firday!

Cool morning at the park. Supposed to get up to 85 today.

Echo showed her ass again this morning, although I’m not putting all the blame on her this time
She met her match though.
It’s weird fighting. They are definitely not playing, but they turn their heads so they are biting air instead of each other.
It’s a lot of noise and posturing, but no real damage.

I had a talk with my son on the drive home this morning. He got off at 1am again.
Money, or the loss thereof, will not work with him. He doesn’t care about money. This is the guy who didn’t want to graduate on stage. My mother offered him $1000.00 to do it, and he still refused.
He has taken Driver’s Ed and he is a good driver, but he still balked at getting his license. Even though we live in a city, there are no real busses. There is commuter transport (bigger than a van but smaller than a bus), and they do run out to where he works, but only on the regular work schedule, which is 7am and 7pm. It’s not running at 1am, and I’m not sure he can get an Uber at that time. He never goes anywhere, so he doesn’t care about driving.
However, I’m not going to live forever, so he needs to learn how to drive. It would be nice if it happens before winter, because I am not going to like going out in the middle of the night when it’s below freezing.
The problem with my son is, he is very stubborn. Push too hard and you won’t get anywhere with him. Kind of keep putting the idea in his head and one day he will say he wants to do it.
FWIW, Ripple hates getting up in the middle of the night to go get him too. I figure he’s going to get to the point where he isn’t going to get up and will just stay in bed until I get back home.

VanGo, I never see money as success.
Happiness is success, and there are always tradeoffs.
No sense in comparing yourself to others, because you don’t know what they had to give up to get the other things they want.

It’s been a somewhat annoying day. Lots of interruptions. I started typing this at like 930 this morning and still haven’t sent it.

It looks like it’s going to rain any minute now.
The neighbor is over mowing the lawn and my dogs are going crazy.

In my case, Pixel is a small-ish tuxedo cat who pokes at the back of my head when she wants me to get up and feed the Masters & Mistresses of Creation. Lately she has taken to standing on my head when poking doesn’t work.