The worst car passenger ever, going to try Xanax

Even tho’ I don’t care for drugs, I am at wit’s end, I have tried anxiety therapy, hypnosis, and distractions, but nothing helps. This fear is controlling my life.

Anyone with the same anxiety, did you try Xanax, and did it help?

Fear of what specifically? Riding in cars period? Cars in heavy traffic? Cars going fast? Riding with other people? Being a passenger not the driver?

Your OP is pretty light on specifics.

Just being a passenger, period. Heavy traffic and freeway speeds exacerbate my anxiety. I will spend the money to fly what would be a 2 hour drive, if I have to be a passenger in a car.

You should. Driving is *way *more dangerous than flying. You’re the sane one, it’s everyone else who are nuts.

My cat has the same problem, and Xanax really helps him.

This is hilarious.
As for the Xanax - I’d say it will probably help a lot. I don’t have the issues you’re describing but I’ve had Xanax on hand for a couple of years now to help break up bouts of chronic insomnia. I’ve also used it more recently to help combat sudden-onset anxiety/panic attacks until I can get to the bottom of what’s causing them. In my opinion you should be worried about frequency of use and increasing dosages. I actually quarter mine in order to reduce my dosage even further.

I think you should try it, but I’d recommend not letting yourself get too comfortable with taking them regularly.

just popping in to warn about the whole not taking them too often or for too long. While you are taking them It may not hurt to have another go at CBT and learn some mindfulness techniques.

I was going to suggest CBT… and exposing yourself to longer and longer car trips.

My understanding, based on talking to my dentist about dealing with my dental phobia, is that Xanax can be used as a tool to get through the initial stages of confronting an anxiety, but you aren’t supposed to use it for that purpose permanently, as it is habit forming and hell to withdraw from.

Question for clarification: Are you phobic of car travel, or are you phobic of being the passenger? You made it sound as if it is only the latter, but then you spoke of avoiding a 2 hour car trip, which suggests the former because, why couldn’t YOU drive? If it is the former, have you learned to drive and are you more comfortable being the driver?

I’m phobic of motion sickness, so I don’t do well in either cars or planes.

Don’t be a passenger. Other drivers are dangerous idiots. The only way to protect yourself is to be behind the wheel.

Not when the idiots have their own cars.

My mom uses Xanax for this issue, but she really only needs it for longer trips. It works well for her, especially when combined with sitting in the back seat so she can’t see as well through the windshield.

This is why the phrase ‘take a chill pill’ exists. Totally load up on alprazolam. If you’re not used to it, you’ll likely fall asleep PDQ – I only use it mostly to get to sleep now. You might want to, depending on your size and cross-tolerance to alcohol, get a script for 1 mg tablets to save money and split them up however you like – your doctor will know if she’s any good if you can be “trusted” with the housewife’s little helper’s little cousin.

Yes, Xanax will help. You will find it is almost impossible to have a panic attack while on Xanax. Getting addicted and off of it is another whole matter.

My mom died, and I tried xanax…it seems to do away with whatever is on your mind .but doesnt make u feel dooped up or tired…awesome drug, actually!!

Well, I have an Rx for 25 mg., and so far, just knowing I have it has helped. But with no long trips on the horizon, and by long I mean over an hour, I feel much better. As I said, I dislike drugs, and don’t think addiction will be a problem, but thanks all. And the doc. said to try splitting one of these even to start.

What can you fly in lieu of a 2-hour drive? A hot-air balloon?