The worst thing about the low carb craze

…is that it is now socially acceptable to cook bacon in the office microwave.

God, I’m hungry, and it’s only 9:30.

My co-workers would probably prefer that to my constant stream of either broccoli or brussels sprouts. They all hate me. :wink:

FWIW, my co-workers think it’s perfectly acceptable to microwave fish in the breakroom not 20ft from my desk…

Hey, at least I used to clean out the microwave after nuking my garlic toast, and Lysol the kitchen area. And my boss ‘insisted’ that when I made some for me, to make some for her, also (another garlic fiend!).

I’m trying to make it unacceptable to make popcorn, since that’s one of the things that will make me forget I’m on Atkins.

The local carwash has a sign that reads:

We use low carb water


You just made me realize I have eggs but no bacon.
And its only 8am here so I haven’t eaten yet.
Now I’ll have to get dressed and go to the store before I have breakfast and coffee.
Hope you’re happy you spead your hunger pangs :wink:


my sig on another board shows my 12 month old son shoving sand in his mouth at the beach.
Caption says, “Mmmmm…nummy low carb sand!”

Last weekend, I was behind a pickup truck that was owned by an obvoiusly militant butch lesbian. There was a window sticker that said: “Eat a vagina: lo-carb and fat-free”

I think the worst thing is that beef prices are high. There was supposed to be an increase in domestic supply when some countries banned our beef from that mad cow incident late last year, but I guess low-carb demand soaked that up and then some.

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You only post once every year and you use it to talk about breakfast? :eek: (for lack of a surprised smilie)

There’s a sandwich shop near me that sells loose-meat sandwiches, their sign proudly proclaims:

Atkins bowl of meat: $4

Is it just me or does “bowl of meat” just not sound right? I’m as carnivorous as they come, but damn that just sounds weird.

It would make a great band name though.

I think I prefer “Meat Bowl.”

Could describe an American football event, too.

I work in a liquor store. Yes, we have low carb beer and low carb vodka, but I get asked about low carb wine a lot. My manager has allowed us to tell these people “Bottled water is over there.”
If you’re trying to eat healthy, stay out of a liquor store, doofus.

Not any more, sportsfan.

It would have to be the Stouffers Low Carb CreationsTM Meat Bowl.

I think the worst thing is that people are just doing the ‘not thinking’ thing again - just like they didn’t think when they tried calorie controlled diets 9and ended up ordering six pies, extra large fries, a side order of garlic bread with melted cheese, breaded mushrooms and onion rings, a bowl of chicken wings, a bucket of potato wedges and oh, a diet pepsi please.

This time around, the meme for the thought-impaired is ‘you have to eat meat until you literally burst open’. It doesn’t matter that this isn’t the Atkins diet or that it would have Atkins spinning in his grave, it’s just a case of “uh huh, yep, something about meat, got it, thanks!”

The worst thing about the stupid diet is that it’s killing good bread in this country. Feh.

The second worst thing is a sign I saw advertising baloney as “carb friendly.” I could just hear that scene from the Woody Allen movie Sleeper in my ear as I passed it.

That is well and truly evil. I’m not a huge bacon fan, but the smell is undeniably appetite whetting.

My jar of mayonnaise cracked me up this week, with a label on the top of that read “and as always…Zero Carbs”

hmmm… so I can just shovel it down my throat and feel no guilt now?

The best diet is moderation. All this low-carb, no-carb, high protein crap is for the birds.