The X-Men Movie: Who wanted to be Xavier?

Director Bryan Singer comments briefly that somebody other than Patrick Stewart approached him to play the part of Dr. Charles Xavier, and that it would have been a very different movie with that person in the role.

Singer seemed amazed that this person was “totally serious” in wanting the part. Singer also refrains from mentioning any names. Anyone know who it was, and why the choice would have been shocking or unusual (besides the fact that Patrick Stewart’s hairline was born to play that role)?

While Patrick Stewart was inspired casting (as were Ian McKellan and Hugh Jackman), the only other actor I could ever see playing Professor Xavier is Ben Kingsley. Watch him in Species and you can see it–I believe that character was even named Xavier too!

Could it be Kevin Spacey (:dubious:)?

I followed the pre-production X-Men movie rumors (pre-2000) and all the gossip I read was about Mr Stewart as Xavier.

Errr… that smiley was supposed to indicate I’m dubious about the rumour, not happy about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kevin Spacey in X-men? As Mr Sinister or something?

What an odd casting.

Could it have been…Christopher Reeve?

Bizarre image, yeah, but…

It wasn’t real hard to select Stewart. I mean, even Wizard polls on the subject that had been coming out since STNG began had basically been loudly declaring that Stewart was Professor X. It was the right choice, but really obvious.

Hollywood doesn’t exactly have a lot of names on its list of “bald authority figures (wheelchair optional),” y’know? :wink:

Though Christopher Reeve as Xavier would have been… interesting.

Mike Myers could have played it.

And he only would have charged one million dollars!

Ben Kingsly certainly is an interesting possibility.

The thing is, all that’s really essential to look the part is a chrome dome and a Y chromosome. It could have been Tom Cruise with some clippers and a Bic razor in each hand.

It does seem natural to guess, though, that the first choices would be notable Hollywood baldies of a certain age. I dunno, Sean Connery? William Shatner (heh)? Rober Duvall? Ed Harris?..

(giggle, snort) Joe Pantoliano? Just imagine. “Ay, Magnido, fock you, okay? I don’t need this shit from you! You touch wunna my fockin’ people again, and I’m gonna send over some more a’ my guys, an’ you’re gonna end up on th’ bottom of the East River, you hear me you fockin’ sonofabitch?”

Man, I could go on and on…