The Young Ones! Darling, we're The Young Ones!

Woohoo! I just got The Young Ones: Every Stoopid Episode!

Three discs with all of the episodes, BBC comedies Filthy Rich & Catflap and Bottom, 15-minute featurette Creating The Young Ones, 6-minute featurette The Young Ones and the '80s, postcards of TYO (“Poseur”, “Hippie”, “Player” and “Punk”, running time approximately 400 minutes.

Oh, yeah. It’s going to be a good weekend! :slight_smile:

Gaaahhhh… I can’t wait! What’s the thing retail for, out your way?

[sub]Of course, I’ve still gotta get a DVD player, but if’n I get this set, I figure my brain will melt with impatience if I don’t pick up a player within about 16 hours.[/sub]

Only useful if it has the Hole In My Shoe (And It’s Letting In Water) video. Does it? Does it?

Skeezix: It’s $45 from amazon.

[sub]If you don’t have a DVD player you can get the four VHS tapes for $13 each.[/sub]

It’s not listed on the box, and I won’t be able to check them out properly for another few days. Still, I think they’re useful. No more mucking about with the VHS tapes.

Not bad, I bought the videos ages ago when they were first released. If only the Beavis and Butthead dvd’s contained the music within them like TYO do. They definately made me a The Damned fan.

Heh. I had to tape them off of MTV and later off of Comedy Central before I could buy the tapes. My best fiend said he’d take theVHS off my hands.

I’m waiting for mine to arrive. Mr has bought the set for my birthday next month (isn’t he a honey?!).