Comic Strip Presents out on DVD

Any of you folks fans of this show?

I stumbled across it after becomming obsessed with Rik & Ade. I have about 40 episodes, crappily capped from TV.

Some amazing comedic gems in that series. I especially like the “Four Go Mad…” eps and of course Bad News. They’re all pretty surreal and funny.

Found out at the beginning of this year that they were releasing a boxed set with almost all of the episodes on it. Yippiee!!!

I emailed the BBC TV people and they told me there’s no plans on releasing to Region 1 :frowning: :frowning:

BUT…I found a region hack for my DVD player. Yippee!!

I would really love to see this series in high quality. Would also like to see the extras!

Is it worth the $70+ USD I’d spend to get it? Originally I thought I’d have to get it, rip it to my hard drive, change format and burn it (which may or may not even be possible with my crappity DVD drive) but now that I have the region hack hope, it’s awful tempting.

And I have to get Kids In The Hall Season 3. Oy! I am not even getting a paycheck this month but I am DROOLING at these two delicious boxed sets. And I have been nearly pissing myself waiting for Comic Strip …

So who got it, and who loves it? Do you LOVE it or just kinda love it?

Even if you don’t have it, you can gush about Comic Strip here :slight_smile: