The Young Riders

The recent Westerns threads and the Pony Express thread Quasi posted today made me put The Young Riders into the DVD player. The first season is available on DVD, and I recorded the rest of the series on VHS years and years ago.

Yeah, it’s a TV show so it’s not up to cinematic standards. But I like it. Nice scenery, decent music, and who doesn’t like a Western?

‘Lou’ McCloud’s boy-disguise was pretty unbelievable, but she was outed to one person in the first episode, and everyone eventually found out. Yvonne Suhor was a cutie. (Still is, last time I saw a photo of her.) Hard to believe she was pushing 30 when she made the show.

As a gun aficionado, I’m a little peeved by the props choices. The show takes place in 1860. I can give them a pass because it’s time-consuming enough to use period pieces in a movie, let alone a weekly series; but I still notice. Incidentally, ‘Teaspoon’ was a Texas Ranger. ISTM he’d prefer a Dragoon to a Navy.

So: TV series, contrived plots, and anachronistic props. But it’s still a fun show to watch.