The Youtube "I don't know how I got here" thread.

Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture, on two melodicas.

Feel free to add one when you find yourself there.

Well if you liked that (I did, thanks!), you’ll probably enjoy a Lithuanian teenager playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on an accordion: Alexandr Hrustevich Vilnius 2013 A.Vivaldi-P.Fenyuk. The four seasons "Summer" 1-3part - YouTube

And here’s a Polish ocarina quartet playing the finale to Beethoven’s First Symphony.

Abby the Spoon Lady - Rye Whiskey

Princess Chelsea - Monkey Eats Bananas

Funny thing is she doesn’t make children’s music, she actually has some great (IMO) songs.

I’m still not entirely sure how I ended up at these gravure idols.

Teenage Dirtbag covered by the The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

This … is … a … thing.

I can’t remember how I wound up watching this video of a Korean musician playing AC/DC’s “Back in Black” on a gayageum (a traditional Korean harp).

Here’s a catchy tune on a marble machine.

Don’t know why it appeared on my feed but this video about Fostering a Newborn Piglet! is a cuteness overload.

People should take a minute to consider that he is playing those thousands of notes and the thousands of precise lapses of time between them from memory, without even looking at the keys. The human mind is amazing.

Philosophical sidetrack here:

Music as a meme, in Dawking’s original meaning, those notes, in that particular combination; Vivaldi created the meme way back then and since that time, as the DNA in an organism does, it has used humans as it’s host to replicate and evolve. It’s a bundle of information, not written in molecules but the fundamental language of the universe, that of mathematics and the properties of waves, which after its creation has used our innate and unconscious appreciation for those principles to live on as a sort of spiritual being that only materializes before us as a ritual of invocation is performed.
In this case with an accordion, neat, no?

That’s good, but I got hooked on the life story of that lady; people, check it out, it’s fascinating.

Uhmmm, I’d go with the “It’s research!” excuse.

And the world is a better place for it.

I think the banana was laced with LSD.

Korea, mid 18th century, at a suddenly very quiet great hall:

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that, but your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand kids are gonna love it”

Is it redundant to go squeeee!?

“Zadok the Priest”, the British coronation anthem, on a ukelele. It’s actually quite good.

How do you do this with only four strings -

Alexei Arkhipovskiy

NESSUN DORMA on Theremin by Thomas Grillo.

Hey, y’know what? One good theremin performance of Nessum Dorma deserves another:

Peter Pringle using theremin and talking machine.

(The most disturbing thing about that is the fact that the orchestral backing track exists - karaoke, anyone?)

Light relief: an early teen Amy Winehouse does Shakespeare on the Fast Show (@ 0.04).


Hee hee hee. :smiley:

This is an amazing thing.

At the Royal Albert Hall, as part of one of the Proms, transforming Teenage Dirtbag into a kind of folk song is just wonderful.

On my old computer I had some YT links to a Vietnamese woman playing classic rock standards on some traditional Vietnamese stringed instrument. Lost it when my old computer tanked. Anyone know who I’m talking about?

Nevermind, found her.

Korean, not Vietnamese

Eh, here’s more.

Reverend Peyton