The zyzzyva Appreciation Thread

After seeing some posts around these here boards, it struck me that us dopers should rally around the wonderful person known as zyzzyva.

As someone who believes that good hospitality is one of the pinnacle achievements of civilization, I am compelled to recognize zyzzyva’s helping hand to some of our stray brethern and sistern (as it were).

So let’s hear it for zyzzyva and his Home For Wayward Dopers! Such kindness must not be overlooked. Rest assured zyzz, the beer’s free for you at the SD Spring Break. I hope that you will be able to make it. We’ll all raise a glass to you and your kindheartedness.

I don’t know much about his hospitality, but in my humble opinion zyzzyva is a very loving, caring and wonderful human being. Which is probably why he has extended his hospitality to whomever he has. Unless they are female, in which case he may have had another agenda. (Unless he extended it to Rasa, which would have undoubtedly been another loving, caring and generous gesture. Have I stuck my foot in my mouth enough for tonight?)

Well, whatever. He is a really, really good person, and a cutie to boot!


I like zyzzyva a whole bunch. He knows that already though.

And a smooch to him since I got so many from him before. :slight_smile:

zyzzyva’s a good man, no doubt about it. He was one of the only people to talk to me at my first dopefest. Now that I’ve gotten to know him a little better, I’m glad to consider him a friend and hope to someday sire a child with him.

Zz’s cool. I remember when he first came into chat… he seemed like a nice guy then and everything he’s done since has only confirmed that impression.

He’s a genuine and caring person. Don’t know about his motives there Scotti but I wouldn’t mind betting they’re on the up and up (for the most part anyway).

Oh, where to start…

I can safely say that zyzz is my best friend in the truest sense of the word. When I went to visit him after my senior year of high school in Florida, he offered to bring me to see my dying grandfather who lived 3 hours away. When I felt scared and alone, lost and so far from home out here in California, he took care of me like only a friend could. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for going on 9 years now, and he’s never once let me down. He remembers more about me than I do, and I love him for being someone who I can trust with my deepest darkest secrets.

He doesn’t make friends casually. So if he lets you in, you damn well better realize the honor he’s bestowed upon you, and return it in kind.

Ok, before I ramble too much more (and believe me, I could…) let me just say this:
The spirit of Norway always has been, and always be… the spirit of ADVENTURE!

And don’t forget to support him here in his AIDS Ride thread if you can!

Awwww… i dunno what to say guys. I figured i was just extending the favor granted to me by a friend when i first got here. I’ve taken so many times, it’s nice to finally give back.

Oh, and to Scotticher: just because i’ve been friends with someone forever doesn’t mean i can’t have a hidden agenda. :smiley:

Zyzz, zyzz your’e so fine, your’e so fine you…
Oh, nuts to that.
Good to know someone else noticed this.
Zyzz, do us a favor and stick around some more.

Two things come to mind …
1 - I feel like an ass for not starting this thread myself.

2 - I’d like to nominate Rasa for President of the ZYZZYVA fan club.
However, I would also like to nominate myself as President Pro Tem.
If it weren’t for zyzz’s kind heart, I’d be sleeping at Embarcadaro station this last two weeks. He has truly gone above and beyond for me.
Until he offered me his couch, we had met presicely twice. Then he steps up out of nowhere upon hearing of my situation and offers me asylum. Truly, I am touched.
I’m also apreciative of the kick ass spaghetti he made last night and the rousing game of Carmagheddon II. Video games were just what I needed last night.

[sub]I promised myself I wouldn’t cry**

Hey now. That’s how rumors get started! Besides, your agenda has never been hidden. :wink:

“Fast Fingers zyzzyva”, I’ll never forget all those nights we shared…

in #straightdope trivia. (You pervs!)
You never let me down, even when there were really hard questions about ferns and esperanto. Plus you often say fun, bitchy things that make me laugh.