Alright, for those who haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now. For those who have…

…maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but I’d like to find out wtf happened. What I’ve got so far is that the cop was telling the entire truth at the end of the movie, and that he had a new(?) tattoo on his chest reading “I DID IT”, referring to the fact that he killed the cop at the beginning of the movie(?). If so…who was that in bed with him when they showed the “new” tattoo - I could have sworn it was his wife…

…but that doesn’t jive with the “fact” that she’s apparently dead (by insulin poisoning?). And what was the deal with the real Sam Jenkins?

As you can see, I’m quite confused and need to go see the movie again. Any help would be appreciated.


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And just what movie did you just possibly spoil for me?
Reiterating the movie title in the OP can CYA in case the title disappears (done this a couple times myself).

And leave some spoiler space, if possible, next time please.

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No, he didn’t kill the cop (Teddy) at the beginning of the movie. He killed the cop at the end and it was shown first. He killed some other “John G.” and then got the tattoo. He’s killed many “John G.s”

Whoever was in bed with him in the picture was not his wife. She died before the story took place.

There was no Sam Jenkins. That was a lie he told himself so that he could avoid the fact he killed her.

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