Theists: What does it mean to say that God loves us?

I specified theists in the thread title because, obviously, the question is meaningless from the atheist, agnostic, or deistic worldview. Though my personal philosophy is closer to the first two than to anything Pat Robertson would espouse, I think it’s an interesting question. If you are unable to approach the question either sincerely or as a hypothetical, you may wish to start a thread entitled, oh, “Among the many reasons that Skald is a feckless wanker worthy only of derision is his indulgence of Xtians theology, though his taste in neckties is also questionable.”

Okay, house-keeping’s done. Now, to expand on the topic at hand:

To those who believe in a personal, immortal, non-material God: Do you believe God loves humanity? Do you believe that God loves you individually; a minority of humanity; the majority of humanity; all of humanity; or all of creation? What does the verb love mean when God is the lover?

I want to start out by saying that many people do not know what Love is, though they think they do. God had to teach me what Love really is, and it is so much more, it is sharing your very being with each other, in marriages it is what one might call a soul tie to your spouse, and things like sexual desire naturally coincide due to the soul tie . We really live in a loveless society.

God’s Love for us is so strong that God actually is ‘different’, as God Himself is now living inside man and living as man. God coexisting with man, in the same bodies. We are all being conformed to the likeness of His Son Jesus, and we will all become Jesus, one with Jesus and one with the Father, Jesus spoke of this when He said you are ‘gods’.

God created us so He can become part of us, we will have the power of God and live in total Love with each other.

It means God is a yandere. He shows the sort of love that makes you say, “I’m flattered, but I never want to see you again. Here is the restraining order.”

I believe it means that no matter how it seems in this life, we can trust that ultimately God wants the best for us & to develop us to be the best we can be. How that reconciles with the real horrors some people experience, I have no freaking idea. But without that ultimate hope & trust, to me life would be even more horrible. I know that with many Dopers YMMV & the idea of a God behind it all makes it more horrible to them. Oh yes, I also believe that through His indwelling Spirit both generally with humanity & especially within His devotees, and as the individual God-man Jesus, God also experiences, endures, is broken by & overcomes the horrors.

I am a Christian.

I believe God loves me, and I believe he loves you. Each of us, not just all of us. It is not policy, it’s personal. I believe that He became one of us so that more of us might know Him, and therefore love and be loved.

I also believe that what it means is something new is being created in the universe. Bits of flesh, of the earth, mortal, imperfect, and ephemeral are becoming eternal. They are doing so because of the love of God. The bounds of physical existence are being broken, and destiny is set aside by God’s love. I do not think that any description of that process, or it’s results can be anything but allegorical, or metaphorical, within the confines of those bounds. But it is, and he is. As in the beginning, He has said I am. And He has said we shall join Him.