ThelmaLou crybaby snowflake way to take things out of context.

I started a thread about Ken Burns Vietnam war minseries and that it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know execpt for one VERY important thing and yeah my OP was maybe a bit snarky but it was about the tv show, NOT the actual war.

But ThelmaLou is apparently to stupid to be able to make that distinction.

Behold the stupid:

You, uh, you sure about this, bud?

I suspect this will not end well for you.

Behold the stupid:

…I’m a grade A lurker and I signed on just to agree with the other posters so far lol

Wait, who’s the crybaby snowflake here?

But that just links back to THIS thread!

I’m beholding the stupid, all right.

Thanks for bringing this to the pit, so now I can say that you’re an idiot. You way over-reacted in the original thread, for which you got a warning (could have had two warnings, but the mod was in a good mood). So you decide to bring your moronitude over here where we can all point and laugh at you.

And if you’re wondering who’s the snowflake, I vote for you. You couldn’t let it slide and try to keep the thread on track to talk about the TV series. No, you had to insult a woman who was obviously hurting about this issue (and to call someone else a liar) because you’re just too thin-skinned.

So, to paraphrase the bible, you should take the railroad sleeper out of your own eye before you complain about a speck of dust in someone else’s.

What a maroon.

Wow, I’m guessing the post that prompted you to Pit ThelmaLou must have been pretty nasty. Let’s just take a look…

Ah. So, it looks like you’re just a huge, stupid piece of shit. At least this failure of a thread will overshadow the one you’re currently so butthurt about, so that’s something I guess?

Maybe you would be better received, OP, if you employed a different username? The one you’ve chosen is a bit… ambitious when compared to the delivered product so far.

Perhaps, based on your overuse of capitalization to provide emphasis and on the poor punctuation of your posts, “Textual Affront” would be more appropriate?

Now MrDibble and **ThelmaLou ** can co-host the annual *Pittings That Didn’t * ceremony.

This thread is a minute and a half of my life I’ll never get back! :mad:

Renamed “Oh, no, you Pitn’t!” for the 2018-2019 season!

You were just going to waste it anyway.

Yeah; I can’t really get any further than this. The OP should have just called the thread “I’m a dumb whiny baby jackass; come poke me after I ignorantly dis stuff”.

While the OP is way over the top, he’s right. It’s bizarre to me that anyone would agree with ThelmaLou that disrespecting a Vietnam documentary is somehow disrespecting Vietnam veterans.

Of course, it’s also bizarre anyone would watch a full 20 hours of a documentary they hate.

JohnT, I think you should present us with just such a thread at the end of every year. :smiley: I know I’m not alone in looking forward to Oh No You Pitn’t! 2018 this December!

Sever shell shock. Thinks he’s Ethel Merman.


He might have gone after the person that made the original comment, instead of the widow with the deeply personal connection to the issue.

Even that would have been dumb and a vast over-reaction, but it would have been like, on the normal scale of vast over-reaction and dumbass things to say. Picking on the widow only is a whole 'nother level.