There are freaking lizards EVERYWHERE!

Or Slee just got back from St Thomas.

I went there for my brothers wedding. It was a wonderful trip. We stayed at the Marriot at Frenchmens Reef. It was way cool. the wedding was beautiful. It was on Meagens Bay.

We did a boat snorkiling trip, which rocked, and othterwise slacked on the beach for a week.

I got K a neckless and earings made of Larimar. They are very purty, she seems to like them quite a bit. I got her daughter a stuff animal, an iguana. H, Ks daughter digs the iguana.

That brings me to the thread title. The hotel had iguanas all over the place. I got a ton of pictures of the things. They rock. You’d be walking down the path and come across 20 or 30 iguanas hanging out, sunning themselves.

I will post more later, with pictures. I have to run to class. Going to flunk a test…


I remember how weird I used to find Japanese tourists. They’d come to NYC, and take pictures of squirrels, of all things. Then I went to Thailand, where my friend and I were always getting excited over little lizards hanging out on the sides of buildings and whatnot. Most of the way through the vacation, I realized I had become a Japanese tourist, getting excited over a little animal found all over the place!

I see you said you are going to post pictures later but that is not acceptable! I get so tired of kitty pictures (cute but boring) I wanna see LIZARDS!

Will domestic do…? :smiley:

^No lizards, but just a step up the evolutionary ladder, here is a 2 week old Lady Gouldian Finch I have hand fed from hatching. NOT cute.

I think it’s cute. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Count Blucher, ewwwwwwww.

Ok, here are some pictures.

First the lizard pics.

This is a little guy. He was a little dinky thing that snuck in and grabbed food when the other big lizards weren’t looking.

Here are a whole bunch of them just hanging out doing the lizard thing, which as far as I can tell, is just hanging out, crawling over each other and waiting for food.

Here are a couple about to get busy.

I also took a pic ensuring that I would get laid in case K didn’t like the necklace and earrings I picked up for her. She liked the picture a bunch, which is good because it took a while to get, damned waves kept washing the message away:)

On the K front, she seems to really dig the necklace and earrings I picked up for her. She also seemed to miss me a whole bunch, which is good. I dropped by her place after I got in and gave her the earrings and gave her daughter a stuffed lizard I picked up. I mentioned to K that I sent her some post cards. She said they hadn’t arrived yet so we walked on down to the mail box with her daughter in tow. Her daughter called me Ks boyfriend. A little later I brought that up and now it is official, we are boyfriend/girlfriend with all that that implies :slight_smile: That makes me very happy.


The lizards are SO soothing and tropical. Mini-hijack, vetbridge, can we have photo updates on your lil’ alien? It is super-cute in a highly specific freaky baby bird way.

Dude, you totally have to move out of the Lost City!

Were the hibiscus plants in bloom? Those iguanas loved gobbling up offered flowers when I was there, years ago.

Surely these lizards are just your sleestak kin.

Yes, they are my less evolved brothers*.


*Note, they probably disagree with the less evolved part. They may be right.

How about a retro-update? I’ve been handfeeding since the thing hatched, here (s)he is at 24 hours post hatch:

More on topic, I see I have an Iguana scheduled later today for a recheck on its nutritional osteodystrophy. I’ll post a picture to show how bad poorly cared for iguanas look compared to their wild kin.

I think Sleestak’s lizard kin are demonstrating the platonic ideal of vacation behavior. I understand iguanas also enjoy swimming. Any iguana and water pics?

I beg to differ! I know what a beauty he’ll grow up to be.

Please, keep us updated!

Dude. Lay off the brown acid, you’ll be seeing Hairy, Fanged Bats, next.



What does that say?

It appears to say “Krystal Is Very Hot” which is an assertion we have to take on faith.

I love these little guys! Now…the green young one…is he green because he’s young or is he doing a Houdini thing or what

Loving all lizards and snakes.

Jesus…those baby boid pics look like preemies to me. Seriously surreal.