There are games that are more buggy and some more popular but. . .

Is there another game out there that is more popular and more buggy than The Sims?

I stopped getting the expansions after Vacation because every new one caused more and more problems.

Perhaps that’s why they’re starting from scratch (sorta) with The Sims 2.
What games have you enjoyed playing even though they played havoc with your system?

The *Civilization * series for consoles (SNES and PSX). I discovered them years before getting a PC and they were pretty buggy – freezing up on you, failing to save your game properly, failing to show your map properly – but they were like crack. Or what I assume crack is like. There were times I’d literally get up in the morning, turn on the game, and then not do anything other than use the bathroom all day. Even eat. And as much as I love food, that says something.

Those were the days.