There are good Christians! (if they ARE Christians at least)

I mean they could be Samaritans! Or Jews or agnostics like me…I don’t think they’re Hindus but they could be.

Anyway I suspecet they’re Christians even if they’re Unitarians (yes, us Unitarians even let Christians in!!!)

Anyway I had to say something. I’m trying to deal with my drinking too much and I heard there were meetings at the UU church. I’m terrified of the idea of going to meeting but I thought maybe that was something I could deal with. People I could deal with.

So I got a name from mom who goes there…Mr. H. I called him up and I can’t recall a more decent, polite person. He said he didn’t know but he would call me back. He did. And said they were starting meeting there again on the 18th (i sort of want to deal with some other problems before i et into this). Perfect for me. He also said he’d call back with more information. He did. He didn’t have to. He said yes the 18th, but he’d callagain when he knew.

His wife called back, said yes as far as she knew yes, but here’s another number to help with other resoursces and finances. Because they looked it up. They did research for me. They didn’t have to. They did.

Then I called the numbers and delt with the most obnoxious, curt, unpleasent people…who wouldn’t even let me get a word in to tell them the information they actually needed to know. Not everyone is Mr. and Mrs. H

I keep thinking of an article i read in Worldnetdaily (yes, I know, what an excellenct sourse of truth!) about Jimmy Carter. That for one said he was “the most raged filled man ever” … :eek: :confused: :smack: Disagree with him but my lord, he’s about the least rage filled man i ever laid eyes on. Followed by this jem (i paraphrase, but in essence") “Sure he does good works, reads to school children, builds homes for the homeless…but none of that brings you closer to Jesus”.

Um. Yes it does. Yes, it’s abotu the best way to get there. (What you do the the least of my children…). In a lot of ways it’s the point. I can’t believe there are Christians whoo think otherwise…but thank God (even if i’m an agnostic) for Mr. and Mrs. H.

Even if it doesn’t bring you closer to Jesus, I’d wager that it brings Jesus (or at least the principles He espoused) closer to you. And to the people you serve.

— ODF (agnostic or Taoist, depending on the phase of the moon)