There are now 42 threads with "Schiavo" in the title...

Just thought you’d want to know.

Counting this one?

Wonder how many there are in the same period with ‘Minnesota’ or ‘Red Lake’ in the title?

To my knowledge I started the only Pit thread on that topic, and it didn’t contain those words.

Ah, but there are many other Schiavo-related threads that don’t for their part contain Schiavo in the title.


It is my fervent hope that soon, the big story in the world will be:

Schiavo Dead. World Continues To Turn.

Yep. I found 41. I’ve not been here that long, but I don’t remember that many proliferating on one topic except during the election.

And threads where the name is misspelled

We really needed yet another thread just to reveal this truth nugget?

42 being such a significant number, she should look out for falling whales.

Probably not. Why don’t you open a pit thread about it?

Now who was the whale and how many times did he die?

The whale only died once. You are thinking of the flower pot, which died hundreds of times.

… whereas there are 683 threads with “fuck” in the title, and, presumably, many more where it is discussed but not entitled.


More specifically, the flower pot was one incarnation of a fellow who had several lives and was always killed by Arthur Dent.

Oi, you can’t hold the flower pot against him. Not his fault the improbability drive did that.

This Year’s Model makes obligatory appearance in a thread with “Schiavo” in the title.

You know if Terri had married Scott Petereson it could have saved us a lot of trouble.

In the days following 9/11 a majority of threads on the front pages of a majority of forums (perhaps a bit of an exxaggeration (sp?) but not that much) were at least related in some way to those events.

(wish I could join in the HHG fun but it’s been too long. man, I gotta dust that one off one time before the movie)