There is a ghost in my room.

This has happened twice.

I’m in the suite alone. I go to the bathroom. I leave my room door standing open. When I come back, the door is closed and locked. No one but me is in the suite.

The doors don’t lock automatically, and they lock from the INSIDE.

I’ve had to get the spare key to unlock my room twice. After that, I have to pay five dollars every time, and being a starving college student, I really can’t afford it.

At least, I can’t afford a ghost his/her jollies. Just because YOU think it’s funny to lock me out doesn’t mean it really is, Mister or Missus I-Can’t-See-You-But-You-Piss-Me-Off-Anyway!

So could somebody please tell me how to get rid of this ghost? Or at least explain to him/her that it’s not nice to lock me out and to please emulate Casper? (And if Casper’s Jude Law instead of Dewon Sawa, he and I could definitely work out a deal.)

Please help me. This wraith is trying to bankrupt me. Don’t let him/her do it.

When I was in college, the RA’s locked all open dormitory room doors they found standing open(some sort of university anti-theft policy.) They only charged us a dollar, though.

preview is my friend…preview is my friend…

offers to buy nocturne a chain he can put a key on and wear around his neck

Yes, I was only half-serious with this thread.

atypicalcarl, that would be an explanation, but my RA rarely comes into the room. Besides, my room door doesn’t open out into the main hall–it opens into the hall of the suite. The SUITE door opens into the main hall, but we’re ENCOURAGED to have our suite doors open while we’re in the room and want visitors.

I’m not a he! I am a pretty little girl!


That’s a thought, dpr. :slight_smile: Thanks.


*Apologises for the gender transgression. *

makes it a necklace instead

And yes you’re VERY pretty. And I must be VERY blind.

[sub]they told me I’d go blind if I didn’t stop…[/sub]

Sorry for implying that you were completely serious. :slight_smile: Allow me to make it up to you. Here’s a do-it-yourself exorcism, complements of the Catholics.
[sub]It never hurts to cover all of your bases…[/sub]

It’s the Underpants Gnomes, didn’t you know? :smiley:

Why don’t you ask it if it wants to tell you something?

(it worked in The Sixth Sense)

If any dorm room was ever haunted, it was the one I lived in last year. If I left my room but was gonna be on the floor, I closed my door but did not lock it. Since I am mildly OCD, when I lock my door I make sure it’s locked. :slight_smile: But twice I left the room unlocked (Once to do laundry, at the end of the hall, and once to go potty, just across the hall, no reason to lock) and came back and it was locked. Now, to you people it’s easy to think “Oh, you must have just locked it without remembering…” but I know I didn’t! At least it was a benevolent ghost; I always had my keys with me. Glad it wasn’t unlocking the door!

As far as getting rid of it, I did a good ol’ pagan exorcism. I took some salt and left it out the window at the end of the hall in the moonlight all night long. Then I took the consecrated salt and sprinkled it liberally about the baseboards of the room, the window and door, while saying “Go away, ghost.” Then I did my neighbor’s room, cause I had freaked her out and had left-over salt. Worked for me, YMMV. :slight_smile: