There is a special circle of hell reserved for parking-space thieves

I have a habit of spitting on those cars when they’re parked in crowded lots*, aiming for around eye level on the driver’s side of the windshield. It’s not going to do any damage to the car, but it certainly lets the driver know he’s pissing people off.

*I’ve got no beef with the folks who park across two spaces in the back of the lot where nobody else is likely to park. They only bother me when they take up a space that somebody else obviously would have used.

Shit, theres a big pickup with a lift and swamper tires at my apartment complex that regularly takes up three spaces. It’d just be an awful shame if some local kid saw the sidewalls of those expensive tires as a target for his penknife. I’d never do such a thing, of course, but I’d laugh heartily if it did.

Back home, a common sight in the day was the Camaro, Firebird, or Trans Am parked across not just two, but FOUR spots. Rocco’s not just afraid of getting his door dinged, but also getting his front bumper nudged, yo!

I’ve always felt the same way. If you feel the need to take up more then one spot, go way to the back of the lot where your SURE not to get hit, I understand the concept, really. But up in the front of busy lot…it should be a ticketable offense.

Hmmm, spitting, I like that. No damage, I don’t think it would be considered vandalism, yeah, I like that idea. The most I’ve ever done was left a nasty curse filled note on someones antannae at a Fridays.

Back in the day when I drove a VW Beetle, I was often able to squeeze into that two-space area with them. If they left more room on their left than on their right, that’s where I’d go - and they’d have to clamber in from the passenger side. :smiley:

I had a fool going 50 mph in a 70 and wouldn’t get over to let me by. :wally :smack:

that was supposed to be going 50 in a 70 moh zone. There goes my brain going faster than my hands