There is a special circle of hell reserved for parking-space thieves

Not people who take “that one good spot”, they have their own. But rather, assholes who pull into a parking space as I’m attempting to parallel park. Fuckers. I had stopped my car, put my blinker on, and was in reverse, moving into a spot where there was room for 2 cars. Another car pulls forward from behind me, parking so as to effectively take up both spots.


Why didn’t you ask him or her if he or she could scootch back a little so you could park?

I was more in the mood to set their car on fire at that point.

As a public service, you should have.

As someone who works in a prison, I’d encourage you to fight that mood. Unless you’re such a super guy that it would make my life more enjoyable to have you here with me. But you wouldn’t be able to go home when I do.

Just sayin’. :wink:

Why did you pull past a spot that had room for two cars so you could then back up and parallel park there? You should have pulled straight in like the guy behind you did.

On a similar note, the people who have a special circle of hell reserved are the ones at the gas station who do more or less the same thing! Always at ARCO, where every single pump is busy because their gas is only $2.85, and there are cars parked willy-nilly waiting to scootch up to the pump. I keep telling myself that the $0.15 per gallon savings is not worth risking my health or my clean criminal record, but I can’t stop going back and getting pissed!

Several years ago, I was in a parking lot, in my car with the turn signal on, waiting for a car to pull out of a parking spot that was in front of my doctor’s office. (I was there for a follow-up appointment concerning my broken foot.) Right after the car pulled out, a car drove around me and pulled into the spot. I was stunned and furious. I rolled down my window and yelled "Hey, I was waiting for that parking spot. That (pointing) is my doctor’s office and I have a broken foot (waving a crutch at him). Move… your… car! He did!

Yes! And shackle them to the dickheads who park their pwecious cars diagonally over two spaces (after forcing them to watch their cars get keyed, of course!).

Because I had been travelling down the opposite side of the street. I had to flip a U, and didn’t have enough space left to pull forward into it.

About a month ago, I was driving down a one-way row of diagonal parking spaces at work, toward an empty space. Some jackass drove down the row the wrong way, went past the spot and backed into it. I was none too pleased, especially since it was raining pretty hard. At that moment, I wished I was 9 months and not 6 months pregnant so I could waddle past the guy’s car in the rain and make him feel reeeeealy bad.

Why does there always have to be a voice of reason ? GOSH !

You should learn to drive like Elwood Blues. :smiley:

I’ve got nothing, except it’s really sad that they’re busy because it’s ONLY $2.85 a gallon. But you already knew that, I’m sure.

Last year I was circling the Home Depot lot, looking for a spot. I saw a guy getting into his car and I pulled up, positioning myself for optimal spot territoriality- close enough to show that it was mine, but far enough away to let the guy out. I had my blinker on.

As the guy was going through his freaking pre-flight checklist, a white van pulled up from the other direction and stopped just as my guy finally pulled out of the spot. I pulled in as the van tried to angle its way in. Upon returning to my car, I found a boot-sized dent in the driver’s side back door. I was furious. I looked around the lot and found three white vans matching the description of my buddy.

I couldn’t figure out what a suitable retaliation would be, and didn’t want to retaliate against 2 innocent vans in my quest for justice, so I left and fumed all the way home. It still burns me.

Can you tell?

I can top that.

At my local gas station, the same thing happens every Tuesday now, for a mere discount. That’s a 1.7% savings, at current prices, and people are going apeshit over it.

I make an effort to make sure I don’t need to fill up on Tuesdays. Our car’s tank holds about 14 gallons, and I’d much, *much *rather pay the extra 70¢ than have to wait 5-10 minutes to fill up.

Oh, man, last Christmas at the mall, I was driving with my girlfriend. After circling the lots about 50 times, finally a spot was opening up. Nobody else was around, so we turned on our signal (it was a right turn into it, which makes what happens even worse), and wait until the person backs out. This other car comes in from the other side, looks at our car, stops, then pulls in to the spot while the car that was backing out is blocking us. I can’t remember the last time I was so full of road rage. So I did what any reasonable person would have done. I imagined all the horrible things I would do them and drove off to continue searching for another spot.
That guy was a dick.

I was backing my truck off the street today to a store and an idiot tried passing me and almost got hit. I saw him at the last second. Instead of backing up out of my way, he gets on someone’s lawn, passes me, and looks at me as if I did something wrong. Now, that just makes your day so complete.

Personally, I’m getting sick of all the yuppie moms in giant SUVs (and their teenage kids in their HUGE pickup trucks) who feel that it’s incumbent upon them to tailgate anyone who isn’t driving 45 mph. This happens on little residential roads where the likelihood of Junior running in to the street to get his ball is quite high. It doesn’t behoove anyone to drive over 30 because if you don’t hit a kid or the kid’s dog, you’ll probably hit a deer.

Plus, when I get tailgated I slow down. If I know I have a turn coming up and there’s a Land Rover fuming up my ass, I’m going to slow down so that when I do turn there won’t be a collision. This infuriates them further and generally leads to them jerking their car in to the opposite lane and accelerating to pass me. That’s just even more dangerous because half the time you can’t see what’s coming over the little hills. Yeesh. I’m not doing it to piss them off, but that’s what happens.


Oh, I do it to piss them off.

Heh. My new favorite method of pissing off aggressive drivers is to change lanes reeeeeeeeally slowwwwwwwly. This only applies to highway driving. I take a bit of sadistic pleasure doing this when some jackass decides to ride my tail while I’m passing a semi-truck. Hell, I’m going 75 and I’m going to get back over.

Can’t wait the 10-15 seconds it takes to pass a truck? Tough. And when I do get back over, you’re going to be waiting even longer. It really does bring a smile to my face.