There making a TV remake of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'??

Good idea or Bad?

I probably wont even see it since I don’t really watch TV these days, but I keep thinking to myself that I watch the original on TV because it’s so… “original”. I’ve never seen it in the theaters, but there’s no audience participation, which is a huge drag.

I’m going with, “Bad Idea”. Some things just don’t need to be fucked with. The Mona Lisa won’t look better with eyebrows and a cell phone.


Will they start with a new script? Cuz the old one sucked donkey dongs.

Right, like how the original version of The Maltese Falcon will always be the best. You know, the one with Ricardo Cortez and Bebe Daniels.


Eh. It’s a stage show, reimagined a ton of times. Though Tim Curry is amazing, there have been so many Frank-n-furters on stage, he’s hardly sacrosanct. And Laverne Cox is a good choice.

It’s probably a good idea because everything that could be done has been done, so all we can do is remake stuff, right??


I’m surprised they’re not going to do a live staging of The Rocky Horror Show (the stage version), the way Fox is doing Grease on 1/31, but the press release says “set to shoot this winter and air Fall 2016,” so I’m assuming it’s a TV-movie. It is listed as a “reimagining” of the original.

So far, the cast is:
Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank N Furter
Staz Nair as Rocky
Victoria Justice as Janet
Ryan McCartan as Brad
Reeve Carney (the original Spider-Man on Broadway) as Riff Raff

There’s just one problem; The Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of the worst films ever. There’s a reason weekly showings in theaters riff on it. I am also slightly surprised they don’t get the cast of Glee to do it, since they “sort of” did it in an episode…which makes me wonder; will Fox have to make the same changes to some of the lyrics that they had to do in the Glee episode?

Last year on September 17th, they did do a live version of the show that was live-streamed to movie theaters all around Europe. It was done in the Playhouse Theater in London. I was in Oxford at the time, so I went to the live showing of it in a movie theater there. Stephen Fry, Anthony Head, Adrian Edmondson, Emma Bunton, and Mel Giedroyc were the narrators. It raised money for Amnesty International. David Bedella, who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter, was so good that many of us think he’s better than Tim Curry.

Aside from the Rocky Horror episode of Glee not being very good, since Glee ended nearly a year ago there wouldn’t seem to be much profit in promoting the show with a special. It probably hasn’t been long enough for there to be much nostalgia value in reuniting the cast either. Who would play Brad would also be a potentially touchy issue, as the actor who played that role in the Rocky Horror episode of Glee (Cory Monteith/Finn) died in 2013.

The same question occurred to me.

Kenny Ortega is directing it, so that’s a plus right there.


Really? I didn’t like David Bedella at all. Way too butch for Frank. Frank needs to have a little Liberace in 'em.

Tell that to Billy Squier.

(bonus points if you know what the heck I am talking about)

I do!

Ortega directed the infamously bad video for “Rock Me Tonight”.

I saw a broadcast of it on BBC America. Too nudge-nudge-wink-wink for my taste. Everybody was so meta and arch. Part of the joy of the original movie was the cast’s willingness to revel in their perversity without winking at the audience.

Don’t dream it. BE IT.

I saw it as a stage production here in Topeka. It was great. Pretty much the same dialogue and music as I’d seen in the film, but with some differences. I know it was a stage show first, so they didn’t try to copy the costuming of the movie. I loved how Dr. Frank-n-Furter was done up. He wore pink and purple silk, glittery bright fish net stockings and high heels. His eye makeup had glitter in it too, and was green.

Here’s the David Bedella performance of “Sweet Transvestite” from 2006 or 2007. I thought he was better in the performance I saw. Judge for yourself:

My daughter developed some definite opinions during her year in Manhattan, and among other things, she feels that casting a transgender actor in the role of a transvestite betrays a certain confusion of ideas on the part of the producers (such as the idea that “trans is trans” and this is stunt casting).

Anyway, she would have liked to see NPH as Frankenfurter. I wonder if they thought that choice was too obvious.

My own comment? With Ortega at the helm, let’s just be grateful Brad and Janet aren’t being played by Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale. :smiley:

I liked the Glee version. It was shorter. :smiley:

FTR, I love the soundtrack of RHPS. I listen every couple months. But as a movie? I might watch the new one 'cuz it can’t be any worse.

My daughter wants Shock Treatment for a present. As long as I don’t have to watch it. :eek: