Time to...Recast Rocky Horror Picture Show !

I’m sure it’s been done before, but I just can’t be bothered tonight.

I’ll take the low-hanging fruit

Marilyn Manson :: Dr. Frankenfurter
Macaulay Culkin :: Riff Raff

Bonus game: Recast, reversing the role types of the squares & wild things

Christopher Walken:: The Criminologist


I’m not a big Rocky Horror fan, but I think Eddie Izzard should be considered for a part somewhere.

Katherine McNamara :: Columbia. 5’5" (per IMDb), can sing & tap, and is about as old as Little Nell was in '75.

Basil Masters :: Rocky with a tae kwon do upgrade.

Jim Parsons: Brad

Any of the Franco brothers :: Eddie

Can he act?

I nominate Tom Hiddleston to the role

Amy Acker as Janet

But that will make it weird when we cast Chris Hemsworth as Rocky.

He’d be good. But give the role to Richard O’Brien so there’s a connection with the original.

(That said, it was a sad mistake to cast Tim Curry in the remake.)

I would pay good money for that.

That would make it perfect.

I nominate William Shatner to play the Criminologist.

And therefore Christopher Walken as Dr Everett V. Scott.

Mackenzie Crook as Riff Raff.

Christina Hendricks : Magenta

Bill Skarsgard as Riff Raff. Or he can just be my date when I go see it.

Oh. My. :slight_smile:

Totally agree.
Amy Adams as Janet, Peter Capaldi as Dr. Scott.