There will definitely be a movie made about the rescue of the Thai soccer kids from the cave, right?

Any thoughts about what it will take to make that happen (story rights, etc?)

I’m sure they will all be played by white actors. Tom Hanks as one of divers or the coach.

They made a movie about those Marines who stopped a terrorist attack on a French train, and - no offense to the heroes of that story - that was just a blip on drama radar compared to this. I mean even time-wise the episode was short compared to this.

So, since that movie got made I’m convinced every compelling news story involving bravery will be made in to a movie. Hopefully it’ll be a good one.

But surely you need a romance angle and I don’t see it in the Thai rescue.

They made a movie about the 201 Chilean mine disaster called The 33. It was pretty good if not great, impressive cast. It had themes about corporate greed and group dynamics in an emergency situation.

This would be more about a race against the clock without an obvious solution, and the sheer guts of both rescue divers and the kids willing to help save themselves. Complete with a mid-movie tragedy (Saman Kunan) and a big happy ending. It would be silly not to.

I think the book will be better. The timeline is too long to recreate in a two hour movie. I’d make an HBO miniseries out of it if it were up to me.

Thai Cave Rescue to Become Film From ‘God’s Not Dead’ Producers

I feel like it would be redundant. But I have been watching it nonstop since the news broke, so maybe there’s a market for it.

I’d rather see a well-made documentary than a fictional re-creation.

I’m sure there are compelling insider stories that we aren’t privy to from just watching the news broadcasts.

With Scarlett Johansson as Thai Navy Seal Saman Gunan.

I hope they add a plucky canine sidekick.

With a shout out to Jaqueline Bisset in The Deep.

Plenty of good movies have been made without any romance- Apocalypse Now (original version, not Redux) had virtually no speaking role for females and there were very few (the French resistance lady and the housewife) in The Longest Day. I think this will come out while it’s still fresh in our minds and any attempt to add say a female soccer player will be met with scorn.

Funny (or maybe, sad, actually), my coworkers and I were speculating about “when the movie would come out” long before we knew if those poor boys would. Then later on the radio, some were speculating if it would be a Disney production, with Zac Efron as the coach and Chris Pratt as the head of the rescue team. Of course the boys would be played by non-Thai actors :smack:

In that case, the actual people involved played themselves. That’s probably not going to work in this case. And it’s possible there are more than one movie; one made in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia for the local audience and a Hollywood adaption.

The NYT had an article about how some of the boys were stateless and from ethnic minorities. So, if the movie is done well, there could be an interesting political angle to it. Millions of us around the world were fascinated by this story and cared about their immediate fate, while millions of other anonymous people are stateless or refugees or asylum seekers (or have had their children taken away from them).

If they make a movie based on this, it’ll be a movie ‘inspired by’ this, happening in rural Pennsylvania or something.

I would not be surprised if they did this. After all, U-571 was based on a real incident where the Royal Navy were the heroes, Hollywood decided that American audiences just weren’t ready to see a movie where the heroes weren’t American so it became a US Navy story instead.

Let’s hope not, given that most of those prayers the families were giving were Buddhist.

To be honest, few people remember the story of that submarine, let alone which navy was involved. But the Thai story is much more immediate and we all know where it occurred. So I doubt the story will be relocated.

I want to know how they will make it without embellishments!