There's a ghost on my iPad!

At some time, I think while I was installing the chronicle app, a download icon (it says “waiting”) got stuck on my iPad. The app installed fine and works but I can’t delete that little icon. It’s grayed out. If I hold on it, it and all the others will do the wiggle thing, but all but the ghost one will have the little “x” in the upper left corner that will allow me to delete it. It’s interferring with my access to iTunes.
What’s up with that? :confused:

Reset the iPad: Hold down the power and home buttons simultaneously. Keep holding them down even after the “Power Down?” screen appears. A couple seconds later it will switch off.

Wait a few second, then hit the power button to start the reboot cycle. It’ll take a while: 2-3 minutes probably.

The reboot does a sanity check that usually fixes that type of issue, as well as badly-written applications that don’t re-initialize their data when they need to (especially in this new multitasking world.)

Note that this should be a sort of 2-3 times a year thing at most; if you’re seeing issues that require resets more often than that, take it to a Genius.