There's A Poltergeist In My Bed

Okay, anyone who knows me, knows that I am very skeptical. So Poltergeist is at the bottom of the list, if even on it. But I’ll tell you the story.

It actually began when I was a child. Coïncidentally I had just heard of the alleged true story that inspired the movie The Exorcist. You know, it really surrounded a boy. Anyway, there was a bouncing or squeaking around the foot of my bed. Now, I was nervous after hearing the story. So actually muscle spasms might have been partly to blame then, believe it or not. In any event, it scared the living—well, you know the word I am thinking of.

I still notice it to this day, from time to time. The story no longer frightens me like it did. A bouncing effect at the foot of my bed, coupled with a squeaking sound. I am clearly not just misinterpreting something.

No earthquakes are reported in my area. But you never know. As I said, muscle spasms might play a role, though this time I am totally unaware of any possibility like that.

Anyone know what it might be? And anyone else notice a similar phenomenon?

Okay, for you spiritually inclined, I might as well point out, there have been many a human and animal occupant of my house, now gone. But I personally doubt this one.


Is your dog named Poltergeist?

When I saw the title, I thought it was written by Beck.

Your heartbeat. Really.

When I had moved back into my parents [now mine alone] to take care of my brother when he was first stricken with the pneumonia masking his lung cancer, there were no pets at all in the house.

I had a big black Himalayan named Banzai, and he had a particular pattern of jumping onto the foot of the bed, walking up one edge, across the head and back down the other before curling up to sleep at my feet. More than once I felt Banz coming to bed with me.

So did I, but it doesn’t have “Bad, bad, bad” in the title.

I had some odd night time things in my youth.
I would have falling dreams that would end with me waking, with the bed actually still shaking a bit. I think I may have been sitting up and falling back?
For a short time I had a creepy dream that would include touching some goo that was cold and scary. I realized that the new bed I was sleeping in had a metal rail at the side. I was probably touching it in my sleep. After noting that, the dreams stopped.
I still have some seldom, random physical events in dreams that wake me. Sometimes similar to what you are having.
Partners have commented that I am a restless sleeper. Moving a lot. I am a generally poor sleeper.
It may be that you are just not going into deep sleep. Or coming out of it often. Your own physical movements coinciding with waking you.
It seems that when I puzzled out the cause of these sleep events, they pretty much stopped.
Maybe you are kicking in your sleep. Then waking during the event. Consider this and try and set it in your mind as a possible cause. It may help you sleep through it?

Has this happened to you anywhere else than in your house ? While travelling for example ?

I came home from work one day, pulled into our empty 2 car garage, and hit my brakes. On the floor were license plates from one side of the garage to the other. They were plates we’ve collected traveling, and were on the I-Beam that is a structural component of our house for years.

Western Pennsylvania doesn’t get many earthquakes, but that was my first thought. How an earthquake could move/shake the I-Beam enough to cause ten license plates to fall without buckling walls never crossed my mind. I searched “news earthquake Pennsylvania”, but nothing.

I decided to put everything back the way it was. As I was replacing license plates, one fell! The empty space it left behind contained a chipmunk. I was gaslighted by a chipmunk.

Hey, I believe. My bed things are not created by cats that I can tell. They don’t like getting on the mattress much. It seems I’m to germy for them to get that close. They are only on the high headboard or the wooden platform.

I often say they are walking the runway(fashion model type runway).

I have had many playful ghosts.
One pulls my hair on a regular basis.
And I have bed shaking and quilts pulled down to the floor.

Since I’ve moved downstairs into the ghostly room the stuff has escalated. Mostly lights are messed with and I have a particular corner that is haunted.

I talked to those ghosts and told them to back off unless they want to pay rent.
I suggest you talk to your poltergeists and tell go shake somewhere else. May or May not work. May get worse. Then you’ll have to move. :grin: