There's no songs more soothing than a good Patsy Cline tune.

Patsy Cline knew how to nail a tune. As great and appreciated as she was she still may be one of the most underrated singers of American music.

Listen to “Why Can’t He Be You” and “So Wrong”. Understand the contrast. Appreciate the soulfulness and then tell me this woman didn’t have extraordinary talent.

Her “12 Greatest Hits” album has to be in every music collection.

I agree. Crazy has always been my personal favorite Patsy Cline song.

I Fall to Pieces. One of the great songs of any generation.
My father turned me on to Patsy in the 50’s. I turned my kids onto her in the 70’s. I was at my daughters house last month, and my seven year old grandaughter was singing Crazy

Her voice is like smoke and honey.

Savannah, good description.

It’s hard to pick just one, but if I had to, it’d be Faded Love. That catch in her breath gets me every time.

I used to listen to I Fall to Pieces while mooning over a photo of an unrequited crush. His name was Merle. Sigh.

It’s not even her best song, but for some reason Walking After Midnight really hits me.

And just to throw one more into the discussion, Sweet Dreams.

My favorite one is Strange. Always is a close second, although I’ve never met a Patsy Cline song that I didn’t like.

I was once watching an interview with kd lang. She said that, as a 16 year old, she heard a song sung by Patsy Cline and instantly knew that that was what she wanted to do.