What's your favorite song?

What’s your favorite song? What makes it your favorite song? If you don’t have a favorite song, what song or songs do you like a lot?

“Eye of the Tiger” - Survivor
for obvious reasons, just makes me shiver when I hear it, great beat; fantastic subject

and “Throw your arms” Hunters & Collectors / D.A.A.S
both a happy and sad song… I want this one at my Wedding AND wake.

At the moment it is

“Rappers We Crush” by KOMPRESSOR

Why? It’s just a great song. Tounge in cheek lyrics, cool music.

(btw: If you go check it out you might want to listen to some of the other Kompressor tunes like “K is for Kompressor” to get an idea of what this guy is all about.)

Another great one is “Wolfman” by Fingertwister

It’s a very smooth chilled out tune. he told me he was in a “bad place” when he wrote it but I don’t feel that from it. To me it’s very warm and cosy. :smiley:

“Imagine” by John Lennon. Too bad it’s gotten so much attention recently. I tend to like obscure songs nobody’s heard of. Ever heard of a Swedish band called Persone? I thought not. :slight_smile:

It’s entirely cheesy, but “Sara Smile” by Hall & Oates is my favorite song. I swear, whenever I am feeling down that song comes on the radio and cheers me up - “wontcha smile a while for me, Sara smiiiiiiiiiiillllle.” Other times I just sing it out loud to improve my mood.

See, I’m smiling right now.:slight_smile:

I also love “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get” by Morrissey. Lyrics to live by.

Oh, Sherry by Steve Perry. It’s an '80s antiquity, still bright-eyed and hopeful even though it’s gotta be at least 15 years old by now.

“Oh, Sherry, our love holds on, holds on.”

“Southern Cross” by CSN

pure magic.

“On and On” Erika Badu, “Only You” Portishead, “These Eyes” Guess Who, “Give a Little Bit” Supertramp, “So Into You” Atlanta Rythem Section. I just made a CD of my favorite songs, it’s part classic rock, part Trip Hop, some R&B, and a little Alice in Chains to round it off. It actually flows rather well.

Forced to restrict myself to one, I’ll have to say Alison by Elvis Costello. It is the only song I’ve named one of my kids after.

Even though Radio beats certain songs to death I still think that
More Than A Feelin’ by Boston is the perfect song. Its got melodic 12 strings in the verses and the electric guitars that crank with hand claps during the chorus with the crescendo at the end, that song actually makes you want to play “Air Guitar” a good feeling song without sounding corny.:stuck_out_tongue:
Also a favorite is Mean Street by Van halen off of the Fair Warning album. The beat alone in that song is an awsome riff with a funk rock beat as well as “Alley-like-rough raw” lyrics.
Stevie Wonder’s song I Wish is the bassists dream. Listen to that song and you can hear music and lyrics at it’s finest with a horn section thats perfect in the song as well. Total funk.
Stairway to Heaven- yes I have to say you don’t have to be a metal fan to love this Opus!!! Even though the radio whips it to death it’s a classic filled with jazz when he sings,“oooooo it makes me wonder.” It’s got everything, also a nice crescendo at the end as well.
The lists goes on and on. It’s ssoooooo hard to pick your best song. Good luck to whoever can truly pick that ONE song.

“Get Blown Away” by Ocean Colour Scene

Frontin’ Lyke Da Biaatch, by Hard Money Boyz.

I love non-cliched Christian rap.

Cheesy!!! That is a damn good song! And speaking of songs to make you smile (and speaking of cheese)…

Mine is “Make me Smile” by Chicago.

“I’m so hap-PEEEEEEE…
That you love MEEEEEE…
Life is Love-LEEEEE…
When you’re near MEEEEE…
Tell me you will stay–

I also love “As” by Stevie Wonder, and “You’re all I Need To Get By”, by–who else?–Marvin and Tammy, Baby, Marvin and Tammy!

One by Metallica.

That song is high art. I have to be perfectly silent when I play it and just absorb the music. Truly a musical masterpiece.

Read some more feedback on this enduring question and saw “Make Me Smile” by Chicago.:smiley:
Thats another great one!!! How about Feelin’ Stronger Everyday and I’m a Man also by Chicago too!!!
Bitch by Metalica is an awsome driving beat one of my favorites from them.
Not to put down The Beatles, but The Stones were the Flip side of them. They were rough and raw and lets not forget-bluesy.
Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’- Sticky Fingers Album. Put this song on and crank the volume. The First guitar riff and the drum beat is un-freakin’ believable!!! With Cd technology you can actually hear Jagger in the back shoutin’ “Yeah” after the first riffs!
Unbelievable song. Bitch- By The Stones.
Moonlight Mile by The Stones. String Symphony at the end.
Up On Cripple Creek- The Band. Awesome Keyboards.
Rocket Queen- Guns N Roses. Great Riffs and good beat too.
Soooooooooooooooo many more!!
Anyone remember- Devil Woman from the 70’s? I heard that song the other day and haven’t heard that in YEARS!!! Or “Ohhhh, Oh what a lonely boy, oh what a lonely boyyyyyyyy.” Classics!!!

I have 3 songs that I will stop what ever I am doing to listen to.

  1. Do you feel like we do, Peter Frampton. Best live song ever recorded.
  2. Won’t get fooled again, the Who. Best scream in rock and roll.
  3. Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was banned from my high school radio station for playing this song. We were limited (and I mean severly limited) to playing only top 40 pop crap like the Carpenters and Barry Manilow. I was warned after playing I’m a man by Chicago, so just to piss of the old geezer, I played all 17 minutes of Inna Godda da Vida. When that didn’t get a response, on went Freebird. The good part was when the old fart came in the studio and grabbed the spinning turntable to stop the record from playing. He broke the tone arm then the record then realized the music was still playing. I had wire an 8 track player into the station and he couldn’t find it. That still brings a smile to my face.

Movin to Montanna-----Frank Zappa

Gotta love it…

I don’t have one and, even when I do, it’ll likely be different in a week’s time. There are a few songs that I like better than most of the others I’ve heard though, like most of Tool’s work, a few from Staind, and some Sevendust.

See–it made you smile, didn’t it???

I do love Chicago (pre-80’s)–I’m a big fan of 70s bands with killer trumpet sections–but have a special affinity for the stuff they did before Pete Cetera (sp?) became the front man.

You mean the one that goes:

“She’s just a devil WO-mun,
With evil onner mind…
Beware the devil WO-mun,
She’s gonna getcha from be-HIIIIIIIIIIND!”

Dear God, I am dating myself, aren’t I? :smiley:

Well, as long as I’m at it, another song I love is “Vehicle”, by the Ides of March:

“I’m the friendly stranger in the black sedan,
Won’tcha hop inside mah cah…” :smiley:

It’s the trumpets, you know.

Favorite song ever - “Danny Boy”.

Favorite song that’s been copyrighted - “American Woman”.