These construction worker guys are hot



Some bathrooms where I work are being renovated and there are some really cute construction workers here. One I would maybe think is gay, but he can’t be… He’s so cute, though… They’re all cute.


Well, happy drooling! I wouldn’t mind some hot construction workers in my line of vision, myself.

Scopin’ sun-bronzed construction guys is my favorite summertime activity. They tan so fast and they get all shiney. Shoo-weeee!

There is some major building work going on right behind the busstop where I wait to go to work. We’re having a rare sunny spell at the moment. This has meant lots of men stripped to the waist sweating and grunting and carrying large blocks of wood around in their big hunky arms, every morning, purely for my entertainment. Which I thought was rather considerate of them.

Hmm. Don’t come to Arizona, I think every construction worker here wears long sleeves all the time. If they didn’t, they would be at a very real risk for skin cancer, this area of the US being one of the most dangerous in the world for it. They cover pretty much every bit of skin they can.
But then, I don’t tend to check out the construction workers, since there generally aren’t a lot of females, and even when there are, well…not my cuppa tea.

'Round here the only construction workers are rather overweight and rather pug-ugly. I’m very sad :frowning:

The garbage men… MMMmmmmm!

Hmm. This thread demands a song:

I don’t want you… to be no slave.
I don’t want you… to work all day.
All I want…

Oh, ever mind.

My hubby is a roofer and you are more than welcome to him. Where can I mail him to?
He will be leaving for Virginia for two weeks with the national guard.
Tall, tan, construction worker and military uniform to boot!
Going once, going twice…

Or you could put in some orders and I will hand pick you one from the crews.

Construction workers…yummmmmmmm.

I always slow down for a drive by drool.

Kricket, does he talk? Cuz I don’t want him if he talks. I only want him to stand there in torn jeans looking tan ‘n’ shiney. No talky. Absolutely no talky.

Potter, that is so freaking hot. The guys here don’t have their shirts off, cuz we’re inside, but they do carry big pipes around and wheel bins of stuff all over. Do they know that they’re so hot? Rowrrroworowrowowrrrrrrrr!

I married my very own construction worker! Master carpenter by trade … strong enough to hoist around laminated beams when the occasional arises! Comes home smelling all natural with the scent of wood.

Eat your hearts out!

Adoptamom_II, I gots me one of them too! The only thing is, sometimes, when I hug him when I see him at the end of the day, clouds of drywall dust puff off him, and it makes me and the dog sneeze. But I luvs him!!

I am an A/C contractor (who happens to be 6’,1", tanned and muscular), and while I don’t know of any long distance oogling I can tell of one interesting experience I had…

I was moving some condensing units (the loud thing that is outside your house, big fan, etc) from the ground to the roof of a building. Pretty standard stuff, but it took all day. By the end of the day I was sweaty, hot and tired, but I had to make a stop at the ATM machine.

I walked up and their was an older lady, perhaps in her 60’s, in line in front of me. I waited paitently and as she finished her transaction she turned around, started at the sight of me, and gave me this big shit eating grin.

I smiled back at her, and as she walked past she squeezed my arm, checking how big my muscles were. :smiley:

I laughed my ass off when I got back in my van.

Even old ladies like hard working men!

Rob… One hard working mutha… watch your mouth!

No, he talks. He talks alot.
Actually he’s really smart, but sometimes when he talks he says some not so nice things to me. I’m just the wife. A subject if you will.
But we can find a way to fix that talky thingy I’m sure. Any ideas?

Robgruver, how you doin’? :smiley: I don’t want to fall into a Penthouse explanation of how your story turned me on, but it did… Rowrrrrrrrr. Thanks. :slight_smile: