These people need to die

  • Roman Pacan
  • Mesut Arslan
  • Valmir Gjetja
  • Edward Facuna
  • Martin Doci
  • Ali Arslan

Gang who lured Slovakian teenager into sex slavery in Britain jailed for 52 years

  • “Trafficking” is a ridiculous euphemism for “slavery”.

And the buyers need to die too. Or at least be neutered. If you are in London or any other West-European city and you buy an East-European girl whom are oozing she is not their by her own choice, whom is practically unable to speak any English, etc. you either bloody well know she has been sold – in which case you are a rapist and accomplice in the crime of slavery - or you are terminally stupid. Either way, just fucking die.

And European countries sounds more than a little hypocritical when criticising Russia on their human rights accord when hundred of thousand of Russian girls have been sold to West Europe and you just know that within a few kilometres of the government building of any European capital, you can go and buy a number of underage Russian or Ukrainian girls who has been, raped, transported sold and forced to prostitution. Who the fuck are you to us tell us is I think how Russian diplomats put it.

Yeah, what’s up with that? I mean, I know that police do eventually catch these guys, & courts sentence them; it’s not all, “turn a blind eye.”

But man, this is chattel slavery. Why do we seem no longer to care so much?

I thought 52 years sounded about right until I noticed that was divided between 6 guys.

According to UNICEF, this new slave trade is more extensive and cruel than the original slave trade. By which I guess is meant the Atlantic African slave trade rather than the ancient slave trade. Trade in slaves – mostly girls for sex – is a growth sector. It already surpassed illegal trade in arms and drugs to be the most profitable illegal activity in the world today. Yet it is widely regarded as a victimless crime and organisers when caught - which is seldom enough - given far less prison time than for instance criminals convicted of drug crimes.

You have a cite for this? I know lots of people who smoke an occasional joint and buy illegal drugs, but I don’t know anyone who’s a casual slave user.

Well you might be surprised since a good part of a random sample of men frequent prostitutes, of which some will be sex slaves. In which case they will be casual slave users. Although it’s probably not so widespread in the USA as in parts of Europe. I don’t mind if you buy sex from a whore, but if it is a foreign girl, the burden is on you to make sure she hasn’t been sold into the profession. Just stick to all American girls and you’ll be fine.

Asia’s sex trade is ‘slavery’
Of course precise numbers are hard to come to, but:
Human smuggling eclipses drugs trade

UN Highlights Trade in People

AFAIR it isn’t really that focused on Africa, most of the demand is for Eastern Europeans (sexy white girls), and Asians. There was a report on Irish tv a while back, and one of the things they said was that often the slaves were used to satisfy immegrants because they couldn’t get the type of women they liked in the new country.

“Now, look, I’ll need to see your passport before you suck me off, okay?”

Yes. I was trying to say, that UNICEF probably meant that the new form of slavery is worse than the African-American slavery of the 18th century. East European girls are the most traded globally. They make out more than two thirds of all those traded over international borders. Although I think at least this has been trending down as their financial situation is slowly improving and the war in the former Yugoslavia stopped. The last few years African girls, mostly from Nigeria, have been filling increasingly more in Europe.

I was thinking accent and looks. But asking for identification would work also, since it’s almost a universal strategy of the owners to take away passport and any other means of identification from the girls, as a way to isolate them and put them in an even more vulnerable and helpless situation. But I think any prostitute called “Bambi” would be more than a little suspicious if you suddenly started to demand identification. But it’s easy enough to spot foreign East-European girls without. At least in Europe.

  • for Dan Norder’s sake I should to say I get that it was meant as a joke

I’ll never understand why sexual abuse is treated so leniently by the courts. I will never support the death penalty - I’d see these fuckers doing a lifetime of hard labour with no chance to get out.

This girls life is in tatters like so many women and men who’ve suffered and continue to suffer this shit. Lock them up and throw away the fucking key. What if it was your son or daughter Judge? What then?

Fuck - the police undoubtedly spend a lot of time and effort bring this one case to court - it’s like a slap in the face to know that this cunt "Albanian Valmir Gjetja, 29, who used violence to control the helpless teen, was jailed for three years. " will be free in less than two years with good behaviour. Where’s the justice?