These "set up" reality shows are distasteful.

I don’t really like this brand of reality TV where the producers must basically LIE to the contestants and then make fools of them.

Did it start with Joe Millionaire where the guy wasn’t really rich?

It continues with the “Fat Obnoxious Boss” where they (supposedly) have a bunch of Ivy Leaguers competing for a fake job and it seems (from the previews) like the entertainment comes from demeaning them. They didn’t lie, cheat or steal to get on the show. Presumably, they were told they were going to be on an “Apprentice” like show, and they had no reason to believe any different.

I’m all for seeing some boorish rich-folk get a comeuppance, but there’s nothing to indicate we’re dealing with boors who made it onto the show. It’s not like they are all Mortimer and Randolph from “Trading Places” who are playing fast-and-loose with someone else’s life.

You’re lying to people and putting them in a position where they’re tempted to act a certain way, and then laughing at them for doing it. You’re not capitalizing on and making fun of their faults – you’re capitalizing on and making fun of their trust.

It’s even worse than leaving a dollar out for the nightstand to see if the maid takes it so you can fire her. That’s, at least, tricking someone into acting dishonestly. This is tricking people into acting how you think you should act.

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually watch the show, but I don’t think I misrepresented it. This other show coming up where the women “wins” 25 Million and then basically lies to her family about it is somewhat similar. How could someone do that to their family? Put them in a position of being made to look greedy for a national TV audience. I’d disown that rotten girl. When that show is over, I’d give the family $25 Mil and tell them the girl couldn’t have any.

You can guarantee that they’re very careful off-screen to make sure they’re just on the legal side of lying. What they actually broadcast can differ immensely.

(FWIW, the TV companies have given up any pretence of this being ‘reality’, now preferring the term ‘unscripted drama’.)

…these “reality” shows have lost their bite! Everybody knows that they are contrived, so nobody believes these people are for real.
Anyway, I usually watch the first few episodes of these things…till they bore me (which is about 2-3 episodes). I mean, how long can you watch that idiot hairdresser in Beverly Hills crap on his staff. Or Rocco with his crappy restarant in NYC-yelling at the help and schmoozing with customers gets old pretty fast.
And those “Cop” shows: I’m tired of the usual parade of drunks, dow-and-outers, and trailer park trash-why can’t we see the cops in Beverly Hills, San Marino, Scarsdale, etc., bust upper-calss people for a change?

The contestants know that shows like Joe Millionaire and My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance exist. Aren’t they a bit naive to assume that their show is on the up-and-up?

Most “reality” shows aren’t trick shows of this variety, so unless there’s something apparent to tip off the contestant and overcome the greed factor and the vanity factor it’s unlikely that the contestants are going to go into it expecting it.

Fuck it. Let’s just skip to the televised gladiatorial combat. Everybody knows that’s where this reality show thing is heading.

I’m joyfully awaiting “The Running Man” reality show with Damen Killian.


Yeah, if you sign up for a reality show on Fox that sounds oddly familiar, your red flags should shoot up like crazy.

Trunk, you have got to be kidding me.

Fair enough… don’t watch.

Had you, you know, watched the show before denouncing it, you’d see it took all of 5 minutes for these upstanding young men to decide to collect money on the street by telling people it was for charity. Yeah, a real model citizen that is.

How in the hell is that wrong? Just because I leave a dollar in plain view, I’m asking for it to be stolen?!? If I left a knife out am I tempting her to murder somebody with it? How about if a woman dresses all sexy like in a mini skirt? Is she at fault for tempting a rapist?

Ah, I see. Ok then. STFU.

They may not have known these types of shows exist. Arn’t most of these types of shows, as with Jeopardy, Survivor, or any other type of game show taped months in advance? The big reality hit of the spring is probably being taped right now.

And RumMunkey, sounds as if you may have had a bit too much.

Wait… wait…


Don’t mind me, I thought the thread would be about Scare Tactics.


Oh, I guess not.
Ok, how about we put people on a cruise ship for a vacation show and then make the boat ‘sink’. When they see there isn’t enought survival gear for everyone, well, that could be good. huh? Would you watch that?

What the hell is your problem?

I state my opinion about these “set up” reality shows, and you tell me to “shut the fuck up”?

I didn’t call anyone out for watching them.

I didn’t say they’re dumbing down America.

I didn’t say they should be off the air.

I expressed my distaste at TV playing on someone’s trust.

I clearly indicated that I might have been misrepresenting “Fat Obnoxious Boss”. Have I? Were these contestants not under the impression that they were competing for a job with a high profile company, only to be demeaned and put in positions where they demean themselves in order to “win”?

If you disagree, please share why you think these shows are good. Why tell me to “shut the fuck up.”

You stated an opinion on a television show you have never watched. Few things irk me more than an under-informed, inflammatory opinion.

This place is supposed to be about fighting ignorance. If you want to discuss the show and it’s merits and/or drawbacks please extend the courtesy to the rest of us of actually watching it first.

No, I didn’t.

I stated an opinion about these types of shows, and referenced three of them.

And, in the name of “fighting ignorance” I indicated that I might have misrepresented the show.

You might have told me how I misrepresented it, instead of saying “shut the fuck up”.

“You bring this network’s ratings down, Flavius, and we’ll do a special on you!”

Yeah! And ya know what they can call it? “American Gladiators”! :wink:

I watched the latest of these shows this week. “My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss” is hilarious. Regardless of being lied to, these ivy-league school graduates willingly humiliating themselves for a job with some guy they know nothing about leaves me with little to no sympathy from me when they find out the truth.

Now, as for the “$25M Hoax”. Her family didn’t sign up for this so I feel really bad for them. At least they’ll win money in the end if they don’t disown her first.

Well you know, Richard Dawson is still alive.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t have the time to invest in these practical joke shows that are dragged out for an entire season.
I’ll take my practical jokes 5-10 minutes per joke ala Candid Camera/Punked/Scare Tactics.
But if you really want me to hang around show after show for one final “ha-ha we got you” on the series finale, I just don’t have the time.

Rum, you’re using the words fighting ignorance in association with a reality show on the Fox Network. I think you are letting your anger get the best of you. :dubious:

Why don’t you take a good deep breath and a sip of tea and think about the type of garbage that you are defending.