"I Love Money" - we're all doomed...

Oh, geez…is anyone watching this? It’s on in the background (not by my choice) and good lord…

I swear, this generation is going to tell their grandchildren that we used to think “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?” was tacky, and they’re going to look at us like we’re out of our minds.

And don’t any of these people have actual names?
Oh, my god, I’m becoming my mother…

Of course, I’m going to soon be posting in threads about Big Brother 10 (premieres one week from tonight), but Big Brother is demure and tasteful compared to this crap!

I’ve channel surfed across this abomination of all things unholy several times. They picked the scummiest scumbags of the bottom tier of reality show scumbags, and waved a large amount of money in front of their faces. I caught about 60 seconds of one of them talking about what he’d do with the money and it was painfully obvious that the man had no math or economic skills, because he talked like the grand prize ($250,000) would be making him filthy rich for life.

If he wins, I look forward to the eventual news story about how he’s on trial for tax evasion because he was too stupid to realize that he had to pay taxes on the money, and how he can’t pay it because he’s already broke, homeless and strung out on Meth, only a year or two after winning the money.

I swear, one of these days they’re going to make a “reality” show so offensive to the very nature of reality that the sky rips open and either the hand of God or something large and Cthulhu-esque is going to come through and destroy everything. (A Reality show so unreal that it distorts the very nature of Reality.)

Yes, they do have actual names. One of the gimmicks on the shows from which the contestants are drawn (Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York) is that they were given nicknames by the person searching for “love.” The audience knows them by the nicknames, so the nicknames persist.

I actually would be more willing to watch this than any of the source shows (not that I’m going to; we’re talking gun to the head scenario). At least by appearing on this show these contestants are admitting that they’re nothing but whores.

Let me guess, it’s airing on “The Violence Network”, with host Hormel Chavez…

the winner gets a lifetime supply of Starbucks and Carl’s Jr.

“There is nothing quite as wonderful as money.
There is nothing quite as beautiful as cash.
Some people say it’s folly,
But I’d rather have the lolly.
With money you can make a splash.”