They are coming for you. Where do you go?

Let’s assume you’ve made enemies of some big power cabal (US Govt., The Mob,
Freemasons, Scientologists), and you have a scant 24 hours to devise and implement
an escape plan. Where would you go to ensure you are safe from detection and
capture. How would you do it? Buy a tent (with cash) and a bunch of camping
gear and go rough it in a remote corner of the Rockies? Bribe a foreign freighter
captain to hitch a ride without worrying about passports and Customs? Or will They
find you no matter what you do and where you go?

Step #1 in my plan is to not post it on the internet. :smiley:

Become homeless. Eat at soup kitchens, sleep in homeless shelters – preferably in a city far away from where you once lived. Get there by hopping on a freight train.

Where do I go?

On the offensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the Scientologists were chasing me, I’d just go to some poor third-world country with little or no money. They’d quickly evaporate (the Scientologists, that is).

I have several available bolt-holes. Empty the bank account for ready cash, clean out the safe, and book it. The wife knows the drill, and can join me later when the heat has died down. My hidey-holes allow me much flexibility and access to lots of firepower. I won’t go down easy. :smiley:

Drain the bank, buy another houseboat, and head on down the Mighty Mississip (if it was sufficiently ice-free).

Get to somewhere warm enough, find a backwater not far from a small town (someplace already populated by other houseboat hobos), and live pretty simply until the heat’s off.

Hey, Jack! Glad to see the Chinese let you go…

This issue is heavily skill-set dependent. All of your ideas are worth something…for the right person. Camping in a remote area? Good…if you’re used to camping. Otherwise, now is not the time to learn. Besides, even if you make it work you might hate it, as opposed to an experienced camper who presumably will be able to manage a reasonable level of happiness. Ditto many of the other ideas presented.

My favorite? Homelessness. New York City. Don’t live near there anymore, but I know the lay of the land and would have no problem reacquiring my New Yawk accent so as to not stick out. I’d conserve cash by eating in homeless shelters, showering minimally to keep people at bay (seriously). There’s tons of stuff to do in New York without repetition. Eventually, I’d get some sort of all-cash off-the-books job with little contact with the public (bike messenger? Sorta old, but why not?). Homeless people are invisible. They’d never find me.

In the movie FX, becoming homeless is exactly what the protagonist did (before he embarked on his mission of revenge of course).

Empty all accounts, hop on the first flight to anywhere Spanish-speaking between the Rio and Tierra del Fuego, paying for the ticket with my credit Visa.

That’s a lot of space where showing my Spanish ID card gets me through any border with no further paperwork required and where many companies would be perfectly happy to give a job to someone bilingual English-Spanish without asking any questions.

You gotta pick the right nationality, for these things :slight_smile:

I’d become a sales assistant at an electrical goods store.

I can never find one and I don’t think the Mafia would either.

I would come get lost in Asia.

Like I’d tell you. Get your own damn shelter. This one is mine!

Oregon, probably somewhere like Fossil. If it’s good enough for the witness protection program, it’s good enough for me. I’ve heard it’s also very easy to dissapear in Mexico, even for a gringo.

Amen, Nava , for all their flaws, if I really needed to run and hide, Argentina could be a good place. What other countries have non-extradition laws, though? Are there that many in South America? Would I have to learn Portugese or French?

I’d come crash at your place. That’s cool, right?

Um…is there a reward?

If so…SURE! You can crash at myyyy place!

There’s a reward? Hey, we could split it!

Works for me. Now we’ve gotta bring the rest of these fugitives in this thread to sweet, sweet justice.